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Steps to Customize an AudioScript Component in Lectora

Steps to Customize an AudioScript Component in Lectora

Lectora is an authoring tool that is popular because it is user-friendly and can be used to develop rapid, interactive and engaging eLearning courses. It is also popular because of its highly customizable Templates, Interactivities and Quizzes. Here, we would like to introduce the manner in which an Audioscript can be customized through Lectora.

In the given example, we added additional actions to the buttons “INDEX” and “SCRIPT”. On clicking the Index button, the table of contents is displayed and on clicking the Script button, in the same place, the Audioscript is displayed.

Please download the PDF file by clicking on the link below, for a step-by-step instructions on customizing an Audioscript in Lectora.

Download PDF

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