How to Add Audio to your Flash Based E-learning Courses?

How to Add Audio to your Flash Based eLearning Courses?

How to Add Audio to your Flash Based E-learning Courses?

Adding Audio narration to eLearning courses is an effective means of making your courses interesting, especially if the learners need to be engaged for long hours. Audio greatly supports the on-screen content of the course in accomplishing the learning objectives and also helps the learners retain what they have learnt for an extended period.

Flash offers different ways of using audio in the courses to address various requirements. We can

  • Import the audio files into the library directly to play the audio continuously.
  • Add the audio to the timeline to sync the visual movements with the audio track.
  • Generate sounds when the buttons are clicked to make them communicating and add sound-effects to fade in and out to experience a different sound track.

Flash supports two types of sounds for eLearning courses:

  1. Event Sound: Sound will start playing only when the sound files are completely downloaded and it keeps on playing till it is stopped manually, using actionscript.
  2. Stream sound: This sound starts playing as soon as sufficient data of the files is downloaded.

So how do we import these sounds into the library? It can be done in a couple of ways. Let’s see how.

  • File Importing: We can import the sound files directly into the library. Most of the developers prefer to use this method as it is the best option from the work flow perspective, as all the files are placed in to the Library and not embedded into frames of your course or timeline. Flash saves all these assets (symbols, bitmaps) of your course thus allowing the use of audio in multiple ways in the course slides.

Select File > Import > Import To Library.

  • Drag and drop: Audio files can also be directly dragged and dropped into the movie from the file system or from the library of another movie. But then this can become a bit difficult if you want to drag the files from the shared libraries as you should be very clear with where you want to place your audio file.

Choose Window > Common Libraries > Sounds.


Here are the Supported sound file formats to import in to your Flash slide:

  • Adobe Sound (.asnd)
  • Wave (.wav)
  • AIFF (.aif, .aifc)
  • mp3

You can import these additional sound file formats:

  • Sound Designer® II (.sd2)
  • Sun AU (.au, .snd)
  • FLAC (.flac)
  • Ogg Vorbis (.ogg, .oga)

Mostly .mp3 format is preferred format for eLearning courses.

This is all about how audio can be added to eLearning courses using Flash. File Importing and Drag and Drop are the two ways of importing audio files into the library, independent of the timeline. Have anything to say? Please do share if you have any comments.

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