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Who Are The Typical Audience for M-learning Courses?

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Who Are The Typical Audience for M-learning Courses?

The number of companies using mobile-learning is growing by leaps and bounds. According to the Ambient Insight Report (2011), the number of companies buying mLearning solutions is growing by 29.3% per annum. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that mLearning is the latest buzzword in the L&D world. As the number of people using mobile devices continues to rise, organizations are increasingly depending on these hand-held appliances to impart training.

M-learning makes learning truly mobile. It allows learners to get in touch with their mentors or peers, even when they are travelling. It “connects” people and supports knowledge-sharing through SMS texting, discussion forums, etc. The sudden increase in usage of smartphones has created the need to deliver training through mLearning.

To know who can benefit the most from mLearning and learn about different types of mobile learning delivery formats, checkout this presentation – Ideal Audience for M-learning Courses.

View Presentation on Ideal Audience for M-learning Courses

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