Five Attributes of the Best LMS

Five Attributes of the Best LMS

How do you select the right Learning Management System (LMS) that effectively meets your needs? What are the features of the ideal LMS? Well, the University of North Carolina, in an LMS feasibility study, stated that the best LMS needs to possess the following 5 attributes.

1. Ability to customize and interoperate 

The perfect LMS needs to be made up of modular components. It has to provide various services and should not be tied to a single technology. This is important to ensure that the LMS is interoperable between various platforms and customizable to meet the needs of companies.

2. Affordability 

This is a very important attribute of the ideal LMS. As L&D budgets continue to shrink and the demands for effective management of training programs rise, highly affordable learning management solutions are the need of the hour. Organizations cannot and are not willing to spend huge amounts on an LMS.

3. Training and user-support 

Providing proper user-support and training is vital to the successful implementation of LMSs. The administrators and end-users need to be trained well to help them make the best use of the LMS. It is advisable to partner with your LMS provider for this purpose.

4. Usability

The best LMS is also the easiest LMS. The design and folder structure in an LMS needs to be intuitive and standardized across the company. This ensures that the user does not get lost and knows where to find what he is looking for on logging into the system.

5. Facility to scale-up

Last but not the least, the ideal LMS needs to be highly scalable. As you expand your operations, the number of learners using your LMS and courses hosted on it is bound to increase. The LMS needs to cater to your growing needs effectively.

Moodle has all the attributes of the perfect LMS. It is a highly flexible open-source system that has a very large user-community. The LMS is very simple to use and can be scaled according to your dynamic training needs. Therefore, it did not come as a surprise when Capterra reported that Moodle is the most popular LMS in the world.

The selection of the right LMS goes a long way in maximizing the ROI on your training expenditure. Hope this blog helps you select the best LMS, which satisfies your needs efficiently and effectively. Do share your views.

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