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Assessment Strategy for M-learning

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Assessment Strategy for M-learning

Assessments are an integral part of the process of gauging the understanding of the learner. They are used to reinforce learning and also help evaluate learners’ comprehension of the course. Mobile devices can be used for this purpose, albeit with certain limitations. Assessments can be in the form of tests, games, puzzles, etc.

Let’s look at some guidelines for developing an assessment strategy for mobile learning.


For regular tests, questions should be short and simple. These questions can be used during the course (formative) or at the end of the course (summative). Feedback for these tests should be simple.

Some of the common types of assessments used in online courses are:

  • Single Select
  • Multiple Select
  • True or False
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Sequencing

Single select, multiple select, and true or false are the ideal question types to include in the HTML format.

Make sure that words are limited to about 5 when you want the learner to enter any data.

Assessments can be tracked and certification can be provided on completion, if your LMS is compatible with mLearning.



Games are great tools to engage learners with the content and reinforce learning. They break the monotony, stimulate learners’ cognitive skills and encourage decision making in a friendly manner. While designing games for mobile learning, keep in mind the touch interactions of mobile platforms. If these assessment types are packaged as a part of the learning content and provided locally on the device, they would be easily accessible to the user even when he is offline.


Apart from evaluating learners, mobile devices can also be used for evaluating learning. Very often, responses from learners are difficult to obtain as they have to fill up a form or respond to lengthy questionnaire. However, this can be effectively executed through polls, surveys or feedback questionnaires to get inputs on what users feel about a particular course, training program. It is easy for employees to respond to questions on their mobile phones.

These are some of the guidelines for developing an assessments strategy for mobile

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