Articulate Storyline vs. Lectora Inspire

Articulate Storyline vs. Lectora Inspire

Articulate Storyline vs. Lectora Inspire

This post is a continuation of my research on rapid e-learning authoring tools. In my earlier post, I have tried to explain which authoring tool needs to be selected, based on your need.

After working with Articulate Storyline and Lectora Inspire, it was good to see both the tools have similar features and capabilities, but there are certain differences.

In this blog, I would like to share similarities of each tool in detail.

PowerPoint Import Feature

Both the tools allow you to import PPT slides very easily. Once you import, you can work with the slides, the same way you would work with any other slides. When it comes to PPT animations, Storyline doesn’t support all the animations available in MS PowerPoint, while Lectora Inspire does.

Importing PowerPoint into Storyline and Lectora Inspire

Audio Recording

This feature is a crucial for any rapid eLearning authoring tool, to record the audio within the tool. Both the tools allow you to record and edit the audio.

Record Audio in Storyline and Lectora Inspire

Built-in Themes

Lectora Inspire comes with 75 built-in themes. Many of them are in similar patterns, but with slight color variations. Storyline also has built in themes, and they were much better in look and feel, when compared to Inspire. Both the tools have possibility to save a customized theme.

Built-in Themes in Storyline and Lectora Inspire

Built-in Templates

Using both the tools, you can easily build an interactive eLearning course, as they have very nice built-in templates. Lectora Inspire built-in templates are layout variable based, meaning they come with text, image and place holders for audio & video.

Both Storyline and Lectora Inspire support custom template development and sharing.

Built-in Templates in Storyline and Lectora Inspire

Variables and Actions

Storyline Variables and Triggers look much similar to Lectora Inspire. You can define variables and these can be used to control events with variable changes. The “Triggers” in Storyline are called as “Actions” in Lectora.

After using both the tools, I could not find much flexibility of using variables inArticulate Storyline, but could easily work with actions in Inspire.

Variables in Storyline and Lectora Inspire

Characters Pack

Lectora Inspire has 23 human character libraries and lot of clip arts. Articulate storyline has 47,500 combinations of illustrated and photographic characters, with different expressions, and poses. With one click you can insert characters and pictures in your course.

Characters Pack in Storyline and Lectora Inspire

I think both Articulate Storyline and Lectora Inspire are great authoring tools and they are boon to eLearning developers.

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