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Why Articulate Storyline is a Trendsetter?

Why Articulate Storyline is a Trendsetter?

Why Articulate Storyline is a Trendsetter?

This is the third post in a series of “Articulate Storyline – A Boon for Learning Designers and Stakeholders“. In case you missed the previous post, here it is “Rapid eLearning – Challenges and Solutions”.

Last year we have developed 66 projects with Articulate Storyline and we found it is easy to work with Articulate Storyline. In this blog I will be sharing some of the fabulous features of Articualte Storyline that have impressed our production team.

Ease of use

Working on Storyline is as easy as working with PowerPoint, Storyline’s interface look and feel is much like PowerPoint interface. It is a beautiful tool that keeps developers exited to try their hands. You can develop simple to complex interactivities with Storyline’s Triggers and Variables. Triggers are programmable actions with which you can create simple to complex interactivities that doesn’t require any programming skills

One-stop shop for Various Characters

Ask a Graphic designer the challenge of getting the right images with the right expressions for an eLearning course. Developer have to rely on external sources to secure the right images, which is expensive and time consuming. Articulate has addressed this problem by including many illustrated and photographic characters with variations for each character. You can make more than 47,500 combinations of characters, expressions and poses for your courses. Now the job of a graphic designer or a developer become easy to find the right image of this choice.

Make your courses interactive with Articulate Storyline

Easily Include Interactions

Rapid eLearning is always boring and ineffective since they have limited interativities, but Articulate storyline has given a different touch to Rapid eLearning by allowing developers to easily include interactions in course. Gone are the days where a developer has to worry scripting code in order to develop interactions. Now Articulate made it look quite simple by allowing developers to include interactivity without scripting code. With features like Triggers, slide layers, States and variables you can build even the most complex interactions. This is a definite reason to prefer Articulate Storyline

And Many more

With Storyline you can create software simulations like in Captivate. You can also publish courses to HTML5, iOS and flash formats, opening up the possibilities of accessing the courses from any devices. Translation now becomes easy with articulate Storline saving lot of time.

Articulate Storyline or Mobile Learning

This tool is a weapon of choice for every developer and stakeholder who wishes to have rapid, highly-engaging eLearning course.

It is the third post in a series of “Articulate Storyline – A Boon for Learning Designers and Stakeholders“. Stay tuned to my next post to know why Articualte Storyline is a preferred tool for Mobile learning.

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