Why Choose Articulate Storyline for Health Care Training Programs?

Why Choose Articulate Storyline for Health Care Training Programs?

Why Articulate Storyline for Health Care Training Programs?

As most of you know, today eLearning is extensively used to create high quality learning experiences in healthcare training, pharmaceutical and continuing education for nurses. The Healthcare industry is using this method of delivery as an alternative to classroom training, to enhance their employee’s skills and competencies.

To develop high quality eLearning courses, course developers need to know how to use eLearning authoring tools. The most popular ones are Captivate, Articulate and Lectora. Among them, I think “Articulate Storyline” is the most powerful.

With Articulate Storyline, you can easily create self-directed training, so that this information can be adapted to guide everyone in healthcare industry from nurses to lab clinicians.

In this blog, I would like to share what type of interactions will be used to develop an Interactive Healthcare eLearning course.

To create high interactive courses, you can use built-in templates in Storyline (FAQs, Tab Interactions, and Sticky Notes), rather than starting from scratch.

You can insert illustrated characters and photographic images that come with Storyline to build healthcare training, so that it connects more deeply with the learners. You can also change the illustrated character’s pose, expression and perceptive. This tool also has nurses and doctor illustrated characters, in a variety of clothes. You can include these characters in a slide to bring information visually to life.

Following interactions help us to involve learners deeply into the content.

Two-Person Scenario: This scenario is use to mock up a conversation where the learner collects information and chooses a correct response.

Two-Person Scenario interaction

Markers: Markers interaction helps learners to identify elements on the screen. For example, use this interaction to highlight/ identify product key features.

Markers Interaction

Process Diagram: This interaction helps learners to discover the steps of a linear process.

Process Diagram

To reinforce critical information, we can use videos to play out realistic situations. In Storyline, we can easily edit the video and add controllers to it. The videos provide the real scenarios to learners (Healthcare industry employees) to gain more knowledge, as they usually go through these situations in their day to day life.

Inserting Videos in Storyline

Hence, you can save time and money in developing Healthcare training programs with Articulate Storyline.

Thank you for your time in reading my blog. Any suggestions are welcome.

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