Teaching Concepts through Articulate Storyline

Teaching Concepts through Articulate Storyline

Teaching Concepts through Articulate Storyline

Before developing any eLearning course/ training program, you need to understand the nature of the content and purpose of the course. Understanding the content will help you meet the course objective. The content can be divided into 5 types; Facts, Concepts, Principles, Process and Procedure.

In this blog, I would like to share about Concepts and how to teach this content type using Articulate Storyline.


A Concept is a class of items that shares common features and is known by a common name. Concepts serve as supporting information and the learners need to know this supporting information, for effective job performance.

We can teach “concepts” with the following techniques. Let us understand each of these in detail and how you can teach them using various Articulate Storyline templates.


A definition is a statement of the critical features of a concept. We can explain these critical features with the help of following Storyline templates:

Tab Interaction in Articulate Storyline

Folder Tab Interaction in Articulate Storyline


An example is the real instance of the concept. To present Examples, we can use pictures and text. To show several examples, you can use following templates.

Type1 Sticky Notes Interaction

Type2 Sticky Notes Interaction


Non-examples are closely related to concepts, but these non-examples could be confused with the lesson concepts.

You can explain Non-Examples in tabular format, rather than in sentences which helps learners in long-term retention.

Tabular Format

Hence, Articulate Storyline templates help you to teach concepts to meet your course objective. I hope you have learnt something new out of my blog, please do share your comments.

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