What Makes Articulate Studio 13 Immensely Popular – Part 2

What Makes Articulate Studio 13 Immensely Popular – Part 2

What Makes Articulate Studio 13 Immensely Popular -Part 2

This is the last post in a series of 2 blogs on Articulate Studio 13. We have seen some of the features of this incredible tool in the first blog. We will now look at some more features of this excellent rapid authoring tool.

Development of audio narration is a cakewalk

This tool allows you to record narration in Articulate Presenter itself. You can then synchronize it with slides and animations. You can also edit the audio in your course. All you have to do is click and drag the picture of the audio file. You also have the facility to import external audio files into your course. You can also export the narration to any device, in MP3 format.

Videos can be inserted and trimmed

Articulate Studio 13 provides the facility of importing videos, in the format of your choice. You can create videos using webcam and crop and trim them using the powerful video editor. You can even adjust the volume, add a logo or watermark to the video. You can retain the quality of the videos when you publish the course because you don’t have to compress them.

Various types of assessments can be created

You can use 25 types of questions in online courses developed using Articulate Studio 13, including

  • True/False
  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Response
  • Fill in the blank
  • Word Bank
  • Matching Drag and Drop
  • Matching Drop-down
  • Sequence Drag and Drop
  • Sequence Drop-down
  • Hotspot
  • Numeric
  • Likert Scale
  • Pick One
  • Pick Many
  • Which Word
  • Short answer
  • Essay
  • Ranking Drag and Drop
  • Ranking Drop-down
  • How Many

This tool also allows you to import questions from a database or other external resources. You can pool the questions and randomize them effortlessly. Articulate Studio 13 can be used to customize feedback layers the way you wish. You can add characters, images and multimedia to make them effective and interesting.

Thus, Articulate Studio 13 can be used to develop highly effective digital courses that capture the imagination of your learners. It is indeed a remarkable tool. Isn’t it?

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