What Makes Articulate Studio 13 Immensely Popular: Part 1

What Makes Articulate Studio 13 Immensely Popular: Part 1

What Makes Articulate Studio 13 Immensely Popular: Part 1

Do you have stacks of PowerPoint presentations? Are you looking for a tool to convert them into highly interactive courses, in an efficient and cost-effective manner? Well, then you need to use Articulate Studio 13 – a wonderful tool to transform your PowerPoint presentations into highly interactive digital courses.

This rapid authoring tool is made up of 4 powerful applications – Articulate Presenter 13, Articulate Quizmaker 13, Articulate Replay and Articulate Engage 13. This tool is ideal for converting content in the PowerPoint format, into HTML5, very effectively. It allows you to publish content to Flash and Articulate Mobile Player, a native iOS app, besides HTML5. Let us now see the features of Articulate Studio 13, in detail.

Simple to use

Articulate Studio 13 is a PowerPoint based tool. Anyone familiar with the application from Microsoft can easily work with Studio 13. Furthermore, the tool has a streamlined interface, which makes authoring eLearning courses very simple.

Wide array of characters

This rapid authoring software comes with about 47,500 combinations of characters, expressions and poses. This greatly makes the job of a graphic designer or a developer easy as he can source the right image from within the tool. This is a great time saver.

Better slide-level control

You can set properties for each slide of your digital course. Articulate Studio 13 can be used to create multi-level menus. You can also use this tool to “branch” learners, according to their requirements. Studio 13 can also be used to specify presenters for each slide of the digital course.

Easy to highlight important content

It is now very easy to create a wide variety of annotations in your courses. Articulate Studio allows you to use arrows, checkmarks, crosses, rectangles, and spotlights and resize them. You can also add colors to and animate the annotations.

Effective animations and transitions can be created

You can create a wide variety of animations using Articulate Studio 13. You can animate objects in the GIF format, SmartArt shapes and text. Articulate Studio 13 retains most of the animations, when you convert the PowerPoint storyboard into HTML5. For more details, please visit this page.

This tool also supports several transitions possible in PowerPoint. To see the complete list of PowerPoint transitions supported by this tool, click here.

Web objects can be embedded easily

It is very simple to embed live web objects in your online course, using Articulate Studio 13. You can insert online applications, games, videos, reference material, and other web-based content.

Interactivity-rich content can be developed

This rapid authoring software allows the instructional designer to incorporate a wide variety of interactivities. You can use the following interactivities in your course.

  • Accordion
  • Bulletin board
  • Checklist
  • Conversation
  • Folders
  • Image Zoom
  • Labeled Panel
  • Media Panel
  • Quick choice
  • Tabbed Image

For more details about the above mentioned interactivities, refer to this blog.

Effects in PowerPoint slide notes are retained

Articulate Studio 13 preserves the formatting and fonts of text, colors and breaks in paragraphs of slide notes of PowerPoint presentations.

Thus, we see that Articulate Studio is a very useful tool to develop excellent online courses. In my next blog, we will see some more features of this widely used rapid authoring tool.So, stay tuned.

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