How to Adjust Interaction Properties in Articulate Studio 13?

How to Adjust Interaction Properties in Articulate Studio 13?

How to Adjust Interaction Properties in Articulate Studio 13?

Articulate Studio 13 is a very useful eLearning authoring tool to convert PowerPoint presentations into eLearning courses. This tool has 20 in-built interactivities. In this blog, we will see how to customize the properties of these interactions.

First click on Articulate Engage. Click the Interaction Properties on the top panel.

The new window will open with 4 options on the left edge. They are Playback, Tabs, Colors and Effects and Quality.

Interaction Properties

1. Select the playback option from left panel of the window. We can see the Playback Mode with Interactive, Linear and Presentation options. Select any one of them. With Interactive playback mode, learners can navigate freely in any order, and we have an option to show the previous and next buttons on the player. With Linear playback Mode forces learners to navigate in the order using next and previous buttons. With the Presentation playback Mode, we can specify the time to complete the interaction without learner involvement.

Playback Mode Settings

2. Now select the second option, on the left edge, it name will match to the type of interaction which we are developing. Suppose we are developing a Tabs Interaction, then we can specify the width and position of the tab like left and right and tabs size.

Interaction Settings

3. Select the third option Colors and Effects, on the left edge; it will show Theme colors, Options, and Interaction Fonts. We can change the colors from the theme color drop down. We can also change the header bar color from the Header Type drop down.

Colors and Effects

We have one more option to change the colors; select the colors drop down from the top panel. By clicking this, we can get all default colors with names, and we can create our own new theme colors by clicking on create new theme colors.

Then the Color editor panel appears, and we can select the colors from here, and we can see the interactive preview area on the right side. Then, click OK to save the color and give names to the custom colors. We can reuse the same color, and we can also edit and delete the custom theme colors.

Colors and Effects Settings

4. Select the quality option, on left edge, and we can see publish compression with Standard and Custom options. Standard is the default setting, and it contains video quality of 5, audio bitrate of 48 kbps, and image quality of 80%. Custom, with this option we can give our own quality settings.

Quality settings

By adjusting these interaction properties, we can deliver engaging interactivities with a rich look.

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