Using Articulate Storyline to Impart First-rate Online Safety Training

Using Articulate Storyline to Impart First-rate Online Safety Training

Organizations today give more importance to safety than they did before. This is resulting in increased awareness about safety training. Using eLearning, you can deliver highly effective safety training, in quick time, at low cost.

Among the many authoring tools used to develop eLearning courses, Articulate Storyline stands apart when it comes to safety training. In this post, we will discover why Articulate Storyline is the right tool to create online courses to provide safety training.

Complex Animations and Interactivities:

Articulate Storyline is by far the most user and developer friendly tool you can use. Complex animations and interactivities that were thought to be possible only in Flash can now be created easily using Articulate Storyline. For example, let’s take a look at a food safety course created with Articulate Storyline.

The course has been presented as a search and finds game, where the learner needs to find and fix 10 food safety hazards in the kitchen.

The entire course is framed upon two main aspects.

  1. Finding the hazard
  2. Fixing it

Complex animations and interactivities

This is done by answering a simple question regarding each hazard.

Answering a simple question regarding the hazard

Answering a simple question regarding the hazard

All this seems easy to explain in writing. However, when it comes to the reality of making it, it’s not that simple.

Articulate storyline comes without any kind of coding, making it much easier to create flash like courses. With a simple interface, the developer will find whatever he needs within seconds. This goes a long way in building a challenging course efficiently.

Magical Triggers and Variables:

Coming back to the food safety course, you can see that once the hazard is identified it vanishes. In other words, if it’s not supposed be in the kitchen, the hazard vanishes.

Usually, creating this interactivity in Flash requires a lot of coding, However, with easy to use triggers in Storyline, developing interactivities such as these is a cakewalk.

For instance, let’s take a look at a question in the course; here, you see a chef and a corresponding question being asked about that particular situation. When the learner answers the question correctly, you see the chef, who previously wasn’t wearing a hat, suddenly wears the hat once the question is answered!

Now this was done with a simple trigger and variables such as change state of object 1 (i.e. hat) when the user clicks option 2 (i.e. the correct answer) and that’s it!

Magical triggers and variables

Magical Triggers and Variables

The same approach can be applied to make a hazard disappear in the kitchen, using the trigger- hide object 2 (i.e. spilled water on the floor) when the user clicks option 2 (i.e. the correct answer) and the object vanishes!

What you thought was a complex interactivity can actually be done in minutes, provided you add the right triggers and variables. A little bit of reasoning and your triggers and variables work wonders like magic!

Easy to Track Results:

From an instructional point of view, it is important for the learner to know how many hazards he has found and how many are remaining. This can be shown as scoring a count on the screen.

For instance, your learner fixes a hazard and the count on the screen will be shown as 01 of 10. This continues until the learner answers all ten and the screen shows 10 of 10.

Now doing this requires a bit of reasoning; you need to set the variables in numbers.

First begin with setting up a count as: 0% Count % of 10 on your screen. Follow this by adding a variable such as adjust variable to Count 1 when the timeline starts.

Easy tracking results

Because this is a variable and not a trigger you need to add an additional step to add a value to the variable. Here, the value of the variable will be 0 to begin the count.

Here the value of the variable will be 0 to begin the count

Easy tracking results

By doing so, you not only let your learner know where he is in the course but also track the hazards fixed. This makes it easy to show the results at the end.

Show the results in the end

Show the results in the end

With simple interface, triggers, variables and tracking options, Articulate Storyline is the instructional designer’s best friend and developer’s dream tool. Safety training is no longer a boring compliance course. Articulate Storyline enhances your creative ideas and helps them transform into reality. If have more ideas on how this incredible tool can be used to make creative online courses, please do let us know!

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