Articulate Storyline: Developing Online Learning Courses for Your Sales Team

Articulate Storyline: Developing Online Learning Courses for Your Sales Team

Continuous training has been one of the key elements of growth for many organizations. With financial growth, these organizations have also been growing physically. They have started establishing their foot prints across cities, countries, and continents. To market under these different skies, they mostly employ sales people living on the same shores. So, training these sales employees and continuing the streak of constant growth can become difficult with only traditional classroom training. E-learning comes in to play a crucial role here.

Even if you choose to deliver e-learning considering its wide range of advantages, developing e-learning courses is another challenge. Articulate Storyline helps you face this challenge quite efficiently as it is the best e-learning rapid authoring tool to develop e-learning material for your sales team. Let us know how.

Ease of use

The interface of Articulate Storyline is very similar to that of Microsoft PowerPoint. So any one who is familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint can become quite comfortable using Articulate Storyline. Moreover, if you want the marketing collaterals created in a PowerPoint deck converted to an Articulate Storyline file, you need not re-create them; instead you can import them with just a click. Not only PowerPoint decks, but also legacy courses can be converted into e-learning material very easily and quickly.

Ability to develop mobile learning courses

The courses created in Articulate Storyline can be published in different formats with just a single click. It is a great tool that allows an e-learning course to be published in HTML5 and iOS formats. The completely customizable player of this tool allows you to create a device-friendly e-learning course interface quite easily. Such features give it the abilities to develop mobile learning courses. And mobile learning is an ideal way of delivering the training material for the sales people who cannot make it to the classroom every time as they are on the move. They can access the training material anytime, anywhere, depending on their convenience.

Facilitating the use of various instructional elements

Developing interactive and engaging online courses was quite a tough task before e-learning rapid authoring tools came into existence. Among all the rapid authoring tools, this tool, Articulate Storyline, has been very popular with e-learning developers around the world. It comes with many built-in elements such as avatars, quizzes, templates, interactivities, screen recording feature, etc. It also provides different interactive elements such as buttons, hotspots, markers, etc. These elements help e-learning developers create interactive and engaging online product knowledge or product sales training courses quite easily.

Possibility of Gamification

Creating a gamified e-learning course is more difficult than creating a traditional interactive online course. You need to be an exceptional programmer as creating gamified e-learning course requires heavy programming. But, the interactive elements and built-in triggers and variable wizard in Articulate Storyline make the experience of creating gamified e-learning courses easier than ever. The developers of such courses need not have any programming skills. This possibility of gamification in Articulate Storyline makes it the most preferred rapid authoring tool. And with gamified online product training courses, your sales reps can enjoy training while they travel just like they enjoyed crushing candies or shooting birds on their electronic gadgets.

Simple to translate courses

Translating an online legacy course was not so easy earlier. But with Articulate Storyline, translating an online course has become so easy that it is now done in a matter of only two clicks (provided the original course has been developed in Articulate Storyline). With the first click, you export the content of the course; translate the content either using a professional translator or online translation tools; and with the second click, you import the translated content in the course. So simple has translating courses become with Articulate Storyline. And for organizations with sales force on different shores, translating their product knowledge and product sales training courses is simply another task that must be accomplished.

These reasons simply make Articulate Storyline the best e-learning rapid authoring tool to develop e-learning material for your sales team. Hope you find this post helpful. Please share your thoughts through your comments.

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