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Articulate Storyline – The Ideal Tool to Develop Online Curricula [Infographic]

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Articulate Storyline - The Ideal Tool to Develop Online Curricula[Infographic]

According to a survey conducted by E-Learning Guild in the year 2013, Articulate Storyline is the most frequently used authoring tool. It’s because Articulate Storyline is very easy to use and comes with many in-built interactivities.

Articulate Storyline has a wide range of features such as triggers, motion paths, eyedropper tool, animation painter etc. Its default features help online course developers create a course in quick time. It enables you to design a customized GUI (Graphic User Interface), in order to make the job of GUI designers easy.

Articulate Storyline makes the learner’s life easier by providing a free-flowing menu which tells the learner about the modules in the online course. This tool is highly customizable and has many in-built interactivities. Activities are an integral part of an online curriculum.This is because at the end of each module, you would test your learner only by conducting an activity.

Now, let us see why Articulate Storyline is the ideal authoring tool to develop curricula?

Articulate Storyline - The Ideal Tool to Develop Online Curricula [Infographic]

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