Articulate Storyline to Develop Online Courses without Losing its Zing

Articulate Storyline to Develop Online Courses without Losing its Zing

Articulate Storyline to Develop Online Courses without Losing its Zing

Gone are the days where we used to develop a course for months to get an efficient outcome. Now the growing technology has made it possible to develop and deliver a course within few weeks or a month without losing its efficiency. We have several authoring tools that help us develop effective and efficient eLearning courses within a short period of time.

I have discussed here one such authoring tool that helped us develop and deliver the eLearning courses in a short span of time.

Introduction to Articulate Storyline:

Articulate Storyline is the preferred tool if you have to develop courses in short turn-around times. This is because in Articulate you can directly develop a course in the storyline rather than on relying on PowerPoint, which helps you reduce the production time. Its flexible features allow you to use different interactivities. An additional feature of this tool is that it supports iPad compatibility. These features of Storyline make it a first choice for any developer.
Basic knowledge on triggers and variables is all what you need to know before getting started with Storyline.

Articulate for developing quick eLearning courses

One of our clients from a leading health care company required courses to train their staff on the formulary process. They required visually rich, interactive and engaging eLearning courses with iPad compatibility. The major challenge was to develop 28 courses in a span of two months.
Keeping their requirements and timeline in mind we selected Articulate Storyline.

As the course was on the formulary process, it included technical content and a learner may find it boring to read such content. So,we decided to represent that content using character animations. Whenever we think of using characters in our course we either buy them or take the help of visual designers, which takes a lot of time. Articulate Storyline has many inbuilt characters and this feature helps us choose any character we want within no time.

Since the content was too heavy, it was of much importance to break the content and represent it using various interactivities. Since Articulate Storyline does not restrict on using any kind of interactivities, it was easy to develop even complex online courses efficiently.

Articulate is one such authoring tool that supports a wide range of interactivities and help you develop a course in a short time period. Please do share, if you want to add more to this list.

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