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How to Add Audio to Post-Quiz Review Feedback in Articulate Storyline

Written By Satish Kumar Viyyapu

How to Add Audio to Post-Quiz Review Feedback in Articulate Storyline

In my last post, I have explained how to add postquiz review feedback. In it, we have discussed how to add text and shapes. Do you know that we can even add media elements like audio, images and video s to the feedback?

This is pretty easy, and we have met the requirements of one of our clients who asked us to add audio to the feedback.

In this post, I would like to share how to add audio to the post-quiz review feedback. Follow one of the procedures described below to accomplish the task.

(Note: I am using the same file of previous post)

Procedure 1:

Step 1: Click the Edit True/False button on the quiz slide.

Click the edit true or false icon

Step 2: Click the More button in the post-quiz review layer.

Click the more button

Step 3: Select the Import audio file icon to import an audio file from the local system.

Select the import audio file

You can even edit the imported audio by clicking on the Edit Audio icon, beside the Import audio file icon.

Click on the edit audio icon

You are done! You can view the audio icon in the post-quiz review layer now.

View the audio icon

Procedure 2:

This is very simple process which involves just two steps. Let’s begin.

Step 1: Once you have added feedback to the post-quiz review, you will find a layer in your slide with the name ‘Review’  will be created automatically. Just open that by clicking on it.

Review layer

Step 2: Now go to the Insert tab, select the Sound option and then click on the Sound from file option to insert an audio from the local system.

Select the sound icon

Note that we can even add a video to the feedback. To add a video, just click on the Video button on the Insert tab  and select the Video from file option.

Select the video from file option

It’s done.These are the steps to add audio/ videos to post-quiz review feedback using Articulate Storyline.

Hope this helps you. Do share your comments.

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