What Makes Articulate Storyline the Favorite of E-learning Developers?

What Makes Articulate Storyline the Favorite of E-learning Developers?

When it comes to eLearning courses, we all prefer interactive and engaging modules that can be developed quickly and easily. The authoring tools which are in high demand these days are the rapid authoring tools. The choice of the authoring tool will direct impact the effectiveness of the eLearning course in terms of cost and time. We also need to consider factors such as the nature of training, translation requirements and time available for the development of the eLearning course.

There is one such authoring tool which has made the development of effective online courses very simple and fast – Articulate Storyline. 

Articulate Storyline gives you a wide range of options to choose from and allows you to create engaging and visually enhanced eLearning courses that are compatible with mobile devices in short time.

Lets’ see the reasons why Articulate Storyline is the favorite of eLearning developers.

  • Simple and User-friendly GUI:

    This tool has a GUI that enables users to have an easy start. This will help them design eLearning courses quickly. So, the users don’t require much training to work with this tool. It includes buttons that help the learner navigate through the course easily.

  • Interactive built-in templates:

    Articulate Storyline provides a wide variety of in-built templates that are visually-rich and can make the learners learn and understand the content better.

    With these templates, you can include text, media and assessments quickly and easily. Customizing templates will help in reducing the development time and make the learners more adjustable to the learning.

    Storyline also gives you the advantage of adding presentation patterns and components that are highly interactive.

  • Simulations with Screen Recording:

    The other important feature of Articulate Storyline is ‘Screen Recording’. This feature allows you to create a simulation-based eLearning course without any difficulty by using this screen recording feature. Articulate Storyline automatically divides your activities into stepwise process. This feature is a very useful for training your learners on new software that you have introduced in your organization. You can train your learners on any changes to the software efficiently as the courses can be updated easily in a highly cost-effective manner.

  • Scenarios:

    To make eLearning more interesting and interactive, we use scenarios in our eLearning courses.

    Articulate Storyline provides a wide range of illustrated and photographic characters with different expressions and poses. Using these characters in different poses and expressions in your eLearning courses makes learning lively.

    These are a few reasons why eLearning developers, worldwide, consider Articulate Storyline as a user-friendly tool for eLearning development. Have anything to say? Please do share.

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