7 Reasons Why is Articulate Storyline the Best eLearning Authoring Tool

7 Reasons Why is Articulate Storyline the Best eLearning Authoring Tool

It is well-known that organizations expect eLearning courses to be developed in a short period of time. And they expect these courses to meet the latest technical standards, i.e. they need to be accessible effectively on iPads and other mobile devices. Companies also want the online courses to be highly interactive. Articulate Storyline is the ideal tool to develop the eLearning courses to meet such requirements.

Here, I would like to share 7 reasons why we need to use Articulate Storyline.

1. Rapid development:

Articulate Storyline has several useful default features and templates and the interface of this tool is very similar to that of PowerPoint. So, anyone familiar with the Microsoft application will find it very easy to work on this rapid authoring software and develop courses very fast.

2. Using slide master templates:

We can create master templates in Storyline, and we can reuse them throughout the eLearning course. This tool also comes with default design templates. These templates help ensure consistency in the look and feel of the course and save the devloper’s time.

 3. Default sound and video editor:

Unlike other tools, ArticulateStoryline comes with a default feature of basic audio and video editing. This feature also helps save a lot of time.

4. Publishing and compatibility:

Articulate Storyline allows you to publish courses to HTML5, iPad and other mobile devices, with just a single click. With this, we can deliver the courses on all devices.

5. Customization of interactivities:

With Articulate Storyline, we can develop rich interactivities using default triggers and variables . We can create gamified interactivities with some customization. All this can be done with a little knowledge of programming.

6. Screen recording:

Articulate storyline has the featureof screen recording, which is very useful to create software simulations. With the screen recording feature, we can show learners what they need to do, and we can insert videos into the slide. Once you record the content on the screen, rticulate Storyline converts it into step by step tutorials. We can edit them the way we want. We can create watch, try and do simulations.

7. Easy translations:

Articulate storyline is the best tool for eLearning translations. It facilitates easy translation into any language, and it supports left to right languages like Arabic and Hebrew. We can export the course content as an MS-Word document or XML file for translation. All slides exported as a single file. Once the translation is completed, we can quickly import the file into Storyline. 

Apart from these, Articulate Storyline has many other features which make eLearning development quick and effective. Hope you find this blog useful.

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