Articulate Storyline Templates: Which One Is Right for You?

Articulate Storyline Templates: Which One Is Right for You?

Templates play key role in facilitating quick and effective development of online courses. Articulate Storyline comes with several in-built templates that help the eLearning developer make the best use of readymade layouts. It also allows customization of these templates which goes a long way in meeting client requirements efficiently.

Let’s see more about templates in Articulate Storyline.

Character Display Panels

In eLearning, characters make the course interesting and engaging. Learners can relate to the characters and are also called avatars, guides, learning agents and so on. They hold the learners’ attention throughout the course.

These are some of the interesting in-built characters of Articulate Storyline. They can be used to explain a topic.

Character Display Panels

This is a customized template, where we have used an avatar/ character to satisfy our requirement. The Avatar step by step takes the learner through the course making him aware of the roles and responsibilities in the recruiting process.

Customized Template Using Avatar

Top Interactions

Two Person Scenario

Scenarios help learners involve in the learning, as they can relate themselves to the situation. Scenarios play an important role in making a course interactive and engaging.

This is the in-built template of a two person scenario. This depicts an interactive conversation. In this, the learner has to collect the information and choose the correct action.

Two Person Scenario

Shown below are customized two person scenario templates from one of our courses. We have used two characters David, a senior sales representative and Bob, a junior sales representative. They are discussing how to make an effective sales training course. In this scenario, Bob is unable to sell the product and he takes helps of David. Such conversation help learners to understand the skills and knowledge needed to successfully promote their product or service.

Customized Two Person Scenario Templates

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop interactivities are designed for assessments. They are very useful to evaluate the learners’ knowledge. They are also used to involve the learners in the learning process and make them connect with the course.

These are some of the interesting in-built drag and drop templates of Articulate Storyline.

Drag and DropShown below are the customized drag and drop templates from one of our courses. We have used them to represent multiple select questions in an engaging way. In this, the learner has to drag the options and drop them in the space provided.

Customized Drag and Drop Templates

FAQ Interaction

Frequently asked questions, popularly known as FAQ’s, are used to summarize and answer the questions within a course. It provides learners an option to freely navigate answers to frequently asked questions.

This is an FAQ interaction template in Articulate Storyline.

FAQ Interaction

Shown below is a customized FAQ template from one of our courses. We have used FAQs to explain the five critical elements to create a positive workplace culture.

Customized FAQ Template


The best way of converting dry and boring content into an engaging and interesting online course is by making use of interactivities. Interactivities help learners actively participate in the course. It also enables them to learn at a faster pace.

Click on Tabs

For concepts that can be explained one by one or broken down into two or three parts, click on tabs that would suit the best. If the content is presented as small pieces of information with an appropriate heading, learners will be more interested. Using this interaction, learners can walk through a list of related concepts.

These are some of the tab interaction templates in Articulate Storyline. This interaction helps learners explore related items.

Click on Tabs

Shown below are customized tab templates from our courses. In this type of interactivity, we have chunked huge content gave each part an appropriate name.

Customized Tab Templates

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes is a good option to present information that the learner can learn by exploring. This type of interactivity can be used when we have layered content.

This is an in-built sticky note template of Articulate Storyline. This interaction can be used for FAQs and checking the knowledge of learners.

Sticky Notes

Shown below is a customized sticky notes template used in one of our courses.

Customized Sticky Notes Template

Click on Numbers/ Process Diagram

This interaction is very useful to impart training on linear processes.

This is an in-built process diagram template of Articulate Storyline.

Inbuilt Process Diagram Template

This is a customized template from one of our courses. To represent non-sequential information click on numbers is an effective way. We have used this interactivity to explain different concepts, where the learner can click any number and can go through the topic easily.

Customized Template

You need to select the right template that best suits your requirements.

Hope you find this blog interesting. How do you create interactivities? We’d love to hear your experiences.

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