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How to Utilize the Base Layer Objects on Slide Layers in Articulate Storyline

How to Utilize the Base Layer Objects on Slide Layers in Articulate Storyline

The primary layer on the slide is known as Base Layer in Articulate Storyline. The importance of the base layer is, when we insert any kind of the content, it will be automatically displayed on this layer.

If you are working with multiple layers, you can use the objects on the base layer effectively.

This blog is very useful for the learner to start any type of interactivity. In this blog, I am considering click on images as an example for interactivity. When the learner clicks the image, the related content will appear on another layer, if the learner does not want to see the objects on the slide’s base layer. For this instance, simply hide the visibility of the base layer objects on the particular layer.

I am explaining the utilization of base layer objects using the following screenshots.

I have taken the two objects on the base layer, that is, one is character and another is caption as shown in the screen below.

Base Layer Objects

I have taken the slide layer 1 named as Untitled Layer 1, and objects as again character and caption. Then I explain about how base layer objects the influence on layer 1. The screen below shows layer 1 objects.

Objects on Layer 1

From the above screen, you are able to see the base layer objects in the background. This kind of situation most of all prefer to put patches in order to cover the base layer objects. The patches are not worked out perfectly sometime due to the effects or any functionality issues. So at this time, just use the simple concept, that is, just go to the sub layer on which you don’t want to see the base layer objects; you will see the Base Layer Objects on the timeline of that particular layer. Here, just close the eye of particular objects of base layer. The screen below depicts the concept.

Base Layer Objects on Timeline with closed eye

Here the highlighted area indicates the concept of hiding the base layer objects. 

Now I just want to hide only the caption from the base layer on layer 1. For this, I need to open the eye for the character of the base layer. This will be shown in the screenshot below.

Base Layer Objects on Timeline with closed eye of caption

From this blog you can get the clear idea regarding how to hide the base layer objects in one of the most popular rapid authoring tool Articulate Storyline.

Hope you will get more information on this blog.

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