Articulate Storyline – What is the Buzz About?

Articulate Storyline – What is the Buzz About?

I was curious about the buzz that was happening in articulate forums about the launch of Storyline. I downloaded it to see what it was like. Does it truly democratize eLearning, as Tom Kuhlmann stated? At first glance, these are the features I liked the most in Storyline:

PowerPoint interface: Though Storyline is standalone software, it retains the PowerPoint interface, making novices feel at home.My colleague who does not work on any e-learning authoring tools could intuitively navigate through the interface, thanks to his familiarity with PowerPoint. I think this the first striking feature of Articulate Storyline.

Templates & characters: There are many graphic as well as real-life characters with various expressions and poses which can be used as avatars or for creating characters in scenarios. In fact, they have about 20 male and 20 female characters, which is a good choice.You can also customize their look, based on the situation. Given the choices available, it is quite easy to find an image with an appropriate expression.

Triggers, variables and pop-ups: Storyline scores points because the user can create interactivities such as triggers, variables or pop-ups without any scripting, coding or programming knowledge. You can create courses with great look and feel and with little effort and time. Quality does not have to suffer either due to lack of technical knowledge or time. Isn’t that liberating?

Screen recording: Storyline has improvised on the features of Captivate’s screen capturing ability, making it far simpler and easier than others in its niche. With Storyline, I first record what I want to show and then use the recording in the manner that best suits the course – I can break it down to explain the process step by step or create Watch (view mode), Try (try mode) and Do (test mode)scenarios. Creating software simulations would be much easier using Storyline as a single recording can be used in multiple ways.

Quizzes: Creating quizzes is not only easy but fun using the new Articulate Storyline. There are many options one can choose from. I don’t require an external application like Quizmaker as Storyline has an in-built feature. Of course, I can also import files from the Articulate studio.

Multiple publishing options: This is by far the most exciting part of storyline. Articulate Storyline gives you an option to publish into Flash, Html 5 or iPad. I have also created a sample course and published it to iPad and it is amazing how simple it is. I would like to explore this further because my initial experience is positive.

There are other little things such as editing options and backgrounds which are also great. I listed what impressed me first. All you need is creativity and Storyline offers many options to create courses with a sophisticated look.

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