How to Customize the Storyline Player?

In Articulate Storyline, we have player properties that can be used to develop GUI with a clickable menu item, seek bar slide, slide notes, progress bar, audio On/Off button, resource tab, Next button, back button, and volume control button. Using the options in player properties you can also customize the player or GUI with specific colors or themes. You can customize the player to your requirement using objects, variables and triggers on your slides.

Let’s see some steps to customize storyline player.

When you open the Storyline, you can see the player icon on the right corner.

Player icon

After you open the player properties window, you can see the players tab where you can find options like slide bar, menu and glossary. You can either select or deselect these options, depending on your requirement. As you select, these options will appear on the slide.

Player properties window

Selecting player tabs

By selecting the Menu, Resources, Glossary and Notes, you can add various features to them. Let’s see what they are.

  • Menu: By selecting this option, you can include scene titles, slide titles, and any other text you want to add to the course.
  • Resources: By selecting this option, you can include the resource tab in your eLearning course. With this option you can include file attachments like PDFs, Word docs and URL links to websites.
  • Glossary: By selecting this option you can include a glossary in your course player.
  • Notes: By selecting this option you can include slide notes on your player.

Selecting player tabs

Arranging the player tabs

After setting up the player properties in GUI, you have the option to arrange the player tabs in three different areas on the player as shown in the screenshot below:

  1. Left side of the Sidebar
  2. Left side of the Topbar
  3. Right side of the Topbar

Selecting the player tabs

Selecting color & effects to player

You can customize the player by changing color, text font styles, adding the effects and by changing the background color of the pages according to your requirement. To makes these changes happen, click Colors & Effects in player properties and select your desired option.

Selecting color & effects to player

This option can change the theme colors and background colors of text styles.

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