Using Articulate Storyline to Publish Courses to Your iPad

Using Articulate Storyline to Publish Courses to Your iPad

Using Articulate Storyline to Publish Courses to Your iPad

As most of you know that technology is emerging and the percentage of learning, using mobile-devices, such as laptops, iPad, iPhone etc… has gone up.

Now, many organizations are looking at developing HTML 5 based courses. So it is very essential to select a right authoring tool, when you develop your eLearning courses for iPad/ mobile delivery.

In this regard, Articulate Storyline helps an eLearning developer to develop HTML5 online courses, from traditional flash based e-learning, to mLearning.

I continue to be impressed with the Articulate Storyline product and I’m very captivated with how this tool publishes any eLearning course to the iPad, using the new Articulate Mobile Player iPad app. Articulate Mobile Player is an iPad app that provides media rich eLearning courses and beautifully displays interactive eLearning content, created in Articulate Storyline.

This tool has the potential to produce iPad compatible courses and is as capable of producing courses in Flash, HTML 5, and iOS format, from a single source file.

When you publish courses for iPad, then many of the features in your eLearning course will look and work exactly the same as PC version. Also the browsers Google Chrome and Mobile safari for iPad have great support for HTML5.

Let’s look at an example, where one of our clients asked us to develop an eLearning course on “Health care training”. The course will be provided to more than 20,000 individuals.

Here is our client requirement:

“Ours is a health care training organization, having more than 500 eLearning certification modules. These courses lack interactivities and audio. Also, our current content is going haywire, so we want these training materials to be delivered in less time and available to every employee”.

Recommended Solution: Articulate Storyline

To meet the learning needs of Gen Y executives and make the courses accessible to all, wherever they are, we suggested developing these courses as highly interactive in less time, by adding various interactive learning components, assessments, having voice over and being compatible with iPad and PCs.

In the last quarter, we have developed more than 45 courses, which run on PC and iPad.

Here are a few interactive eLearning courses, Assessments and Games which we developed for both iPad and PC using Articulate Storyline:

Articulate Storyline1Articulate Storyline2
Articulate Storyline3Articulate Storyline4
Articulate Storyline5Articulate Storyline6
Articulate Storyline7Articulate Storyline8

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