Effective Use of Inbuilt Interactivities in Articulate Storyline

Effective Use of Inbuilt Interactivities in Articulate Storyline

Effective Use of Inbuilt Interactivities in Articulate Storyline

It is very important for instructional designers (IDs) to have a clear idea of the interactivies that can be created using an eLearning course authoring tool. This allows them to identify the type of interactivity is best suited for a given content.

Recently, in an Articulate Storyline training session, I learnt how easy it is to incorporate interactivites into an eLearning course. I have tried my hands on Articulate Storyline and thought it would be a great idea to share the list of inbuilt interactivities that can be incorporated through Storyline.

1. Tabs: In this interactivity, the learner clicks and learns about the relevant topic. This can be supported with relevant images. This is also useful in presenting information in multiple slides in one screen.


Here are a few of them.

  • Folder-tab Interaction

Folder Tab Interaction

  • Horizontal Tab Interaction

Horizontal Tab Interaction

2. Slide show: This interactivity is the best way to provide information in a sequential order. This can be used to explain a procedure or series of events using text and relevant images. The learner needs to click through the arrows and each slide can contain an image, supported by audio, if required.

Slide show

3. Sticky Notes: For presenting information that the learner can learn by exploring, sticky notes is a good option. This is used when you have layered content. The learner clicks on each sticky note and the text appears with a relevant image.

Sticky Notes

4. Markers: These are useful when you are presenting additional content or when you are providing a description of an image or graphic that is not more than one line. Learners need to hover over these markers. The content will be displayed in a pop-up with the related image.


5. FAQ Interaction: Frequently asked questions, popularly known as FAQ’s, are used to answer the questions within a course . This allows the learner to search for answers to a particular problem.

FAQ Interaction

These are only a few of the inbuilt interactivities in Articulate Storyline. Based on the content, an instructional designer can decide the interactivity that suits it. Hope you find this blog useful.

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