Lord of the Tools – Articulate Storyline for Various Training Programs

Lord of the Tools - Articulate Storyline for Various Training Programs

Lord of the Tools - Articulate Storyline for Various Training Programs

Articulate Storyline – a developer’s dream and an instructional designer’s fantasy. This power packed authoring tool makes designers and learners go gaga over it! We have all seen and worked on this incredible tool, awe struck by its simplicity and innovation. These are the reasons why Articulate Storyline is the first tool that comes to a designer’s mind. You must be wondering how one tool can cater to different training needs. This is where Articulate Storyline sets itself apart from other authoring tools.

The genius of Articulate Storyline is that one size fits all! Let’s take a closer look at how Articulate Storyline excels for different training Programs.

Compliance Training 

One of the most sought after training types among organizations, compliance training relates to anything from sexual harassment to data security to new laws and regulations. With such a wide range of training types under one section, it becomes even more challenging to use the same tool for a similar form of training. However, with Articulate Storyline, you don’t have to worry about a thing! For instance, let’s take a look at courses on sexual harassment and data-security to understand its versatility.

Data Security :

Data Security

Sexual Harassment: 

Sexual Harassment

Safety Training 

Safety training is fast gaining momentum in the world of eLearning. With organizations emphasizing on employee safety, this new domain has brought about a new change in training needs. Safety training needs vary from one industry to another, resulting in the creation a different learning experience for each industry. This is where Articulate Storyline comes handy; You can create different safety training courses for different learners using the same tool!

Let’s take a look at two entirely different safety trainings created with Articulate Storyline. 

Food Safety:

Food Safety

Workplace Safety: 

Workplace Safety

Healthcare Training 

The healthcare industry is another booming arena for training. With new laws and acts on schemes such as Medicare and Medicaid, healthcare organizations need to train their employees on the latest advances in medicine. And, creating such courses in Articulate Storyline has its own added advantages. With built-in characters such as doctors and nurses, Storyline brings a new meaning to such courses.

Here’s an example of built-in characters in medical courses, developed using Articulate Storyline.

Healthcare Training

Product Training 

One of the most common training types, product training has a wide audience today. Mainly catering to sales representatives of an organization who are always on the go and need quick access to information. So, whenever they need to know more about a product’s features and benefits, they have a quick peek at a course on that product. The best part about Articulate Storyline is its flexibility to embrace different styles and patterns that change form product to product.

For instance, let’s take a look at two different product training courses created in Articulate Storyline. 

Product Training

There is the reason why Articulate Storyline is called the Lord of the Tools.

If you have some more training programs that were created using Articulate Storyline, please do share.

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