Quick, Interactive and Visually-Rich E-learning Courses with Articulate Storyline

Quick, Interactive and Visually-Rich E-learning Courses with Articulate Storyline

The selection of the authoring tool can have a direct impact on the effectiveness of the eLearning course, especially in terms of development time and costs. The authoring tool selection is based on various factors such as the nature of training, type of content, multi-lingual requirements, and time available to develop an e-learning course.

Articulate Storyline allows you to create interactive and visually rich eLearning courses that are also compatible with mobile devices within a short duration.

Let’s look at how you can create quick, interactive and visually-rich courses with Articulate Storyline.

Speedy Rollout of E-learning: 

Articulate Storyline enables you to develop and deploy eLearning courses quickly. You can start developing your course from the scratch or by using built-in templates. Articulate Storyline has ready to use templates. Standardized systems and processes expedite the production process to ensure rapid deployment of the courses.

Speedy Rollout of E-learning

Highly interactive elements: 

Benjamin Franklin said, “Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I learn”. I am sure you would agree with him, as even we must have experienced similar situations at some point. Learning will be very effective, when learners are involved actively.

Articulate Storyline has rich in-built templates where you can easily start including the text, media, and assessments templates. You can even customize them as per your requirement to make it completely yours. Storyline has made it very easy to add highly interactive presentation patterns and components.

Highly interactive elements

Here is a screenshot of a game-based quiz that has been created by using Articulate Storyline.

game-based quiz

Visually-rich components: 

The very first thing that catches learners’ attention is an attractive interface. It displays the buttons that guide the learners and helps navigate through the course smoothly. An attractive interface that is easy to understand and navigate enables the learners to explore and learn what they want to learn, when they want.

• Visually-rich components


E-learning sometimes becomes dull because we do not have a person to interact or converse. This limitation can be addressed by making it lively and appealing through scenarios. If you want to make your course graphically rich and wish to connect effectively with your learners then use characters with different poses. Articulate Storyline has 47,500 combinations of illustrated and photographic characters, expressions and poses. With one click, you can insert characters with different poses into your course.



The table below lists the interactivities available in Storyline that can be customized and used in courses to teach and assess learners.

Interactivities table

Articulate Storyline is the preferred e-learning development tool if you have to develop courses in short turn-around times. This is because in Storyline, you can directly develop a course rather than on relying on PowerPoint, which helps you reduce the production time.

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