Articulate Storyline for Easy E-learning Development

Articulate Storyline for Easy E-learning Development

Recently, one of our clients wanted us to develop 10 eLearning modules using Flash, in a very short span of time at low cost. After analyzing the client requirement, we suggested that Articulate Storyline is a better tool to develop the courses. This is because you need a lot of time and considerable knowledge of programming to develop courses, using Flash. Also, Flash is more expensive than several rapid authoring tools. Based on our suggestions, the client agreed to develop the modules in Articulate Storyline.

We have recommended Articulate Storyline for the following reasons.

Cost: Unlike Flash, you don’t need coding skills to use Articulate Storyline. You need not hire professional programmers to develop the course or make it compatible with SCORM, AICC or Tin Can API.


Development time: Articulate Storyline has many pre-defined screen templates, interactivities and assessments. With all these features, it takes less time to develop the courses.

Development Time

Interactivities: Creating interactivities with authoring tools is easy. Storyline has a wide variety of default interactivities. We can also customize them using triggers, layers and variables.


Device compatibility: Articulate Storyline is the perfect tool to make your eLearning courses HTML5 compatible in quick time You can use this incredible tool to publish courses to HTML5, Flash and Articulate Mobile Player (AMP), a native iOS app.

Device compatability

Translations: The eLearning translation process is made simple with Articulate Srotyline. We can export the course content as an MS-word document or XML file. After translation of the XML file into the desired language, we have to import it into Storyline for creating the translated course.


Indeed, these features of Articulate Storyline make eLearning devlopment easy. Have anything to say? Please do share!

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