Articulate Storyline- The Life-saver of E-learning Developers

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Articulate Storyline- The Life-saver of E-learning Developers

We all know that, e-learning development was not an easy task earlier. Developers then had to design various Player pallets, create interactive and quiz slides with the help of coding skills, etc.; it was a time consuming process. However, the advent of various rapid authoring tools has minimized the development time and made it more convenient for e-learning developers to create any course with ease.

Articulate Storyline is one such rapid authoring tool which has proved to be the life-saver of many e-learning developers. Want to know why? Read the blog to learn more!

There are some features in Articulate Storyline which come in handy when you are out to develop an e-learning course, especially when you have very tight deadlines and less development time. Let us look at them in detail.

1. Customizable Player

Yes, you’ve heard it right! Articulate Storyline has a built-in Player which includes features such as Menu, Navigational Controls, Notes Pane, Glossary and Resources, and not to forget, the Seekbar. The advantage of these key features is that, you can customize the Player with your branding colors and change the placement of the button controls. You can do this using the “Player Properties” option available in Articulate Storyline. You can access the Player properties by clicking the Home tab in the ribbon and then clicking the Player option as shown in the screenshot show below.

Customizable Player

Here, you have the freedom to play with different colors, font styles, the display of the Menu –hidden or visible– you can customize the Player according to your requirement.

Customizable Player

This helps you quickly develop a customized Player with minimum efforts.

2. Built-in Character Packs

This is one of the most exciting feature provided by Storyline. It has 47,500 combinations of illustrated and photographic characters, in various expressions, and poses. This indeed will come handy to develop graphically rich courses. You can access these characters by clicking the Insert tab in the ribbon and then clicking in Character option as shown in the screenshot below.

Built-in Character Packs

Built-in Character Packs

Built-in Character Packs

3. Built-in Interactive Templates

Have you been developing courses that your employees find boring and don’t know what to do? Then here is a quick solution for your problem. Articulate Storyline also provides a built-in set of interactive templates which can be used to develop interactive slides. These readily available interactive slides make the work of a developer easy and convenient, thereby helping develop more engaging courses. Shown below is a screenshot of an interactive drag and drop slide.

Built-in Interactive Templates

You can always take benefit of these built-in templates by using it right away in our course or you can save them as one of your templates and reuse them whenever required.

You can access this by clicking the Insert tab in the ribbon and the clicking the New Slide option.

Built-in Interactive Templates

After that, you need to select “Top Interactions” as your template style to create interactive slides. Don’t not forget that you can always modify the existing template and add your own touch of personalization; in other words, customize it as per your requirement.

4. Built-in Quiz Templates

As we all know, no e-learning is complete without an assessment, reinforcement, or evaluation process. So to make your job easy, Articulate Storyline provides built-in quiz templates.

With the help of these templates you can develop quizzes both simple and advance. If you want to use these quiz templates you need to click on the insert tab on the storyline ribbon and then select the new slide.

Once you click that, another pop-up appears from which you can select the quiz type you want to include in your course.

Built-in Quiz Templates

With all these features of Articulate Storyline, you can easily develop e-learning courses that are not only interactive but also very engaging. This will help you develop courses in a very short time and meet your project timelines as well. Hope you find this blog useful.

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