Compliance, Induction and Product Training via Articulate Storyline

Compliance,Induction and Product Training via Articulate Storyline

As an eLearning developer, I find Articulate Storyline to be the best  authoring tool to develop an interactive and engaging eLearning courses.

Here I would like to share the major online training courses that can be developed effectively using Articulate storyline. They are

  • New Employee Orientation Training
  • Compliance Training
  • Product Training

New Employee Orientation Training:

New Employee Orientation training provides basic information on an organization’s policies and culture that it allows new employees to play an active role in the organization. These programs are very helpful to employees in understanding their duties, rules and regulations of the employment.

To design this program, we adopted an explore and learn strategy by which the learners will be given a chance to explore the virtual campus that has many buildings. Each building deals with different topics. Articulate storyline was a preferred by us to develop such courses as all the interactivities and designs demanded could be accomplished by this tool.

New Employee Orientation Training


Compliance Training:


This training program is the process of educating the employees on the company’s laws and policies they apply in their day-to-day job.

Our approach was to include interactive scenarios to involve the learner and make him think by asking questions that are related to their day-to-day job and responsibilities. In this regard, Storyline can help you create scenario-based courses as it comes up with lots of in-built templates that can help us create a compliance training course.

Here are some interesting templates from Storyline.

Two-people Scenario: Using this template we can create a scenario where two characters communicate with each other.

Compliance Training

FAQ Interaction: It provides learners an option to freely navigate answers to frequently asked questions.

FAQ interaction

Traditional Scenarios: Using this template we can create a scenario-based assessment.

Traditional Scenarios

Product Training:


It is very important for any sales person to know some of the benefits of the product he/she sells.

Here are a few interesting templates from Articulate Storyline to develop a quick and an interactive product training.

Tabs Interaction: It is a nonlinear way for learners to explore related items. We can also add product videos to it to explain its portfolio.

Tabs Interaction

Markers: It helps the learners to identify the key features and benefits of the products.


FAQ Interaction: This interaction provides learners an option to freely navigate answers of frequently asked questions by the customers.

FAQ Interaction

What are the courses you developed in Storyline? Please do share.

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