Articulate Storyline – The Perfect Tool for Developing an E-learning Curriculum

Articulate Storyline – The Perfect Tool for Developing an E-learning Curriculum

Curriculum is a list of courses that deals with a particular subject comprehensively. Developing an eLearning curriculum is a challenging task. I will share with you some best practices for developing an eLearning curriculum.

Our customers conduct a number of classroom training sessions and workshops to train their workforce on processes, workplace health & safety and compliance. However, they realized they were incurring lot of costs with classroom trainings; so, they came up with the requirement of developing an eLearning curriculum. Their requirements were that these courses should be compatible with iPads and should be translated into other languages in future.

Standardization for Curriculum

To meet this challenge, we set standards for the instructional, visual, assessments, media and technological elements – how to represent the text, color branding, presentation patterns to be used, types of assessments and the instructions and specifications to be used in the courses. We standardized all these parameters and came up with customized templates and developed a kit in Articulate Storyline.

Development a Kit in Articulate Storyline

Why Articulate Storyline?

These standardized templates helped us adhere to quality and ensure consistency in the courses. This, in turn, made our development faster, and we could deliver effective training modules. We chose Articulate Storyline to develop the courses because it can be used to publish the courses to HTML5, and the output works very well with iPads. With a single click, you can publish your course content to HTML 5, Flash and iOS formats. With this great feature, learners can access courses at the time and place of their choice. We made the curriculum iPad compatible.

Articulate Storyline is translation-friendly. With this tool, you can easily translate your course into any language. Languages like Arabic and Hebrew require right to left alignment, and it is very difficult for a developer to translate a course into these languages using other authoring tools.

With the mentioned features above, we can say that Articulate Storyline is the perfect tool for developing an eLearning curriculum.

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