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Articulate Storyline: Customizing Review Feedback for Final Quiz

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Articulate Storyline: Customizing Review Feedback for Final Quiz

Articulate Storyline is considered to be the best tool for developing eLearning courses. It helps eLearning developers satisfy most of the learning design requirements. Storyline have a default feature to providereview feedback as shown in the screenshot below.

Review Feedback

In the default review feedback, we cannot edit the text, design or add characters.

In this post, I would like to share one requirement we got recently from one of our clients.

Requirement: Our client, a Training Manager, wanted the learner to review the feedback of the final quiz on completion of the quiz. Also, he wanted a tick/cross mark along with feedback text and a character with expressions based on the learner response as shown in the screenshot below.


First I thought this is not possible. But, customization provided the solution;thanks to Articulate Storyline which provides eLearning developers a great deal of flexibility to customize most of the things.

The main advantage of customizing is that it enables eLearning developers to take complete control (add/remove content or objects and show/hide the appropriate layers) over the review feedback.

So, here are the steps I have followed to add the custom review feedback: 

Step 1: Add the preferred number of quiz questions to your course. 

Step 2: Click the Insert tab and select the New Slide option, then click the Result Slide under Quizzing category from the window.

Step 2

Step 2

Step 3: Now, select the type of result slide you prefer and click the Insert button.

Step 3

Step 4: A window displaying all the quiz questions available in your course will open. Select the questions you want to add to your quiz and then click the Options button.

The Options button

Step 5: Check the Allow user to review quiz checkbox if it is unchecked and click the OK button. 

Allow user to review quiz

This will insert a result slide with the Review button.

Result Slide

Step 6: Create two variables of Boolean type with the default value False. Here I’ve named them review and flag.



Step 7: Go to each question slide and create two new layers (name them as you prefer). I have named them My Correct Review and My Incorrect Review here (Don’t use the name Review as Storyline was programmed to display the default layer as ‘Review’). Add feedback in both the layers as you prefer.

Step 7

Step 8: Go to the quiz question and adjust the value of the flag variable to True when the learner clicks the correct answer.

Step 8

Step 9: Add two more triggers to display Correct/Incorrect review layers on learner review. They are:

  1. Show layer My Correct Review when the timeline starts for the Quiz slide if the values of the variables flag and review are True.
  2. Show layer My Incorrect Review when the timeline starts for the Quiz slide if the value of the flag variable is False and review variable is True. 

My Correct Review

My Incorrect Review

Step 10: The last step is to add the following triggers tothe Result Slide:

  1. Jump to the first quiz slide when learner clicks the Review button.Review button
  2. Adjust the value of the variable review to True when the learner clicks the Review button.The variable review to True

You are done! The layers will appear on output as shown in the screenshots below.

Correct Feedback 

Correct Feedback

Incorrect Feedback 

Incorrect Feedback

Hope this helps you. Do share your suggestions/comments.

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