How to Add Buttons to an E-learning Course in Articulate Storyline?

How to Add Buttons to an eLearning Course in Articulate Storyline

How to Add Buttons to an eLearning Course in Articulate Storyline

Articulate Storyline contains predefined buttons. Which will useful in eLearning Course Interface and Interactivity slides. Interfaces may be present by default or they can be customized. Buttons play a major role in deciding the look and feel of the course. Storyline contains a variety of predefined buttons. In this post, we will see how to add buttons in Articulate Storyline.

Steps to insert buttons:

1. In Storyline, click on the Insert button from the ribbon.

Insert button

2. Now click on Button, and you can see default buttons, check boxes and radio buttons. Select any of the buttons and drag the cursor to the create the button. You can move, resize or format the button.

Adding text to buttons:

You have an option to insert text boxes for adding text, no need to add text box separately here. You can click the button, which we have used in our slide and then type the required text on the button. You can change the font, color and alignment of the text.

Adding text to buttons

Actions to control buttons:

Select the button, which you have inserted on the slide and go to triggers panel. Click on create a new trigger, andaTrigger wizard window will open. You can now see Action, Slide, When, Object options. Action contains many options, which you can use according to your requirement. Slide contains all slides of the course, and you can select any of these. When contains the below conditions. Object contains all the graphics your slide, and you can select one of them to give action. You can also add a new trigger condition.

Actions to control buttons

Buttons format:

Select a button and click the Format tab in the ribbon, and you can see the options to change the fill color, outline colors and effects.

Buttons format

Add icons to the buttons:

Select a button and click the Format tab in the ribbon. Select the icons from Button Icons panel. You can also align the icons using Align Icon option. You can also change the color of the icon using the Icon Color option. You can remove the icon using Remove Icon option. When you add an icon to your slide, the size of the icon depends on your font size of the slide. If you want to change the size of the icon, then select the icon and click the home button, You can increase the icon size from font size.

Add icons to the buttons

This is the how you can add the buttons to your slide. If you know any tricks in creating buttons using Articulate Storyline, please do share.

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