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Why It’s Easier to Succeed With Articulate Storyline Than You Might Think?

Why It's Easier to Succeed With Articulate Storyline Than You Might Think?

Articualte Storyline is by far the most easy to use software, with learning curve typically very less compared to other softwares. There are many reason which will impress you to try your hands on this software. Here I would like to share reasons under the following heads.

1. Time Saving:

By using the Articulate Storyline it is easy to create the interactivities, animations, and designs in less time when compared with other tools. Publish and preview the project takes less time.

Time Saving

2. Multi device Compatibility:

 The projects developed in the Articulate Storyline can be made compatible to PCs, iPads and Mobile phones.

Multi Device Compatibility

3. Easy Customization:

Customization of each element on screen is very easy in Articulate Storyline. Below screen illustrates the customization of the slide.

Easy Customization

In the above screen I have taken two shapes of rectangle, one in blue at the top and other in grey at the bottom of the slide. Here I have customized two buttons (back and next at bottom right) and one cross mark (bottom left) .

Now I have given the action “jump to next slide” to next button that allows the user to go to next slide when he clicks on it, similarly for Back button that allows the user to go to the previous slide and for Cross mark to exit the course. It is also easy to customize the player with different 32WSAZ of colors.

Customize the Player

4. Interesting Features:

Articulate Storyline has many inbuilt such as audio, video, shapes, screenshots, recording screens, hyperlinks and triggers etc. to make your course interactive.

Interesting Features

The above features are easy to use.

5. Easy Translation:

It’s easy to import and export the content for translation with Articulate Storyline. Below screen shows where you can import and export the documents in Articulate Storyline. To know more please click this link.

Easy Translation

Finally, I conclude that these kind of features explain you that, “Why It’s Easier to Succeed With Articulate Storyline Than You Might Think?” Have anything to say please do share!

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