Top 4 Blogs on Articulate Storyline!

Top 5 Blogs on Articulate Storyline!

At CommLab, our development team gets various opportunities to stretch the capabilities of the Authoring tools. We explore the capabilities of rapid authoring tools in order to satisfy customer requirements. We have published a number of blogs, which go a long way in helping you customize rapid authoring tools to create first-rate online courses.

Here, I am going to share a list of blogs on the widely used authoring tool Articulate Storyline. You will find it very interesting to read. So, let us start.

1. Calculating the User’s Time on the Slide in Articulate Storyline!

Here is another typical requirement. Client wanted us to show learners on how much time they spent on each slide. After the completion of the assessments, we should show the duration. Here below is the link to see how our development team solved it.

2. Posting Your Final Results in an E-mail Using Articulate Storyline!

Do you know we can create lot of cool customized features in Articulate Storyline? Lets view the below blog in which our developer have shared the knowledge on how we can create customized Email Feature, by which scores can be sent through email on a single click? If you are interested to learn this and start implementing in your courses, click on the link right now.

3. How to Customize Matching Drag and Drop in Articulate Storyline?

We have plenty of interactivties that can be used in our courses. But most of the developers may not be aware that we can customize the interactivities too. Let us see the blog, by accessing the link below, in which our development team have explained how to customize the “Matching Drag and Drop” interactivity.

4. Generate System Date in Articulate Storyline Using Java Script!

There was a requirement to generate a system date on the certificate using Articulate Storyline. Do you think it can be done with the default features? No it cannot.But, by using JavaScript, this task can be accomplished. Articulate Storyline can execute JavaScript. This is one of the main reasons why Articulate Storyline has become immensely popular. Lets click on the link below to see how its done.

I hope you find these blogs very interesting. Please do share your thoughts . Happy reading!

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