Articulate Storyline 101

Articulate Storyline 101

Organizations today expect number of eLearning projects in a short span of time as against one or two courses, which were developed though out a single year previously. The shelf-life of each course is very less and the development time has got reduced to just weeks. Organizations additionally require that these courses be deployed on multiple devices like iPads, PCs and other similar gadgets.

Also, the need for translation of courses in English into multiple international languages is growing by the day and reaching its peak. All these needs to be done for a low cost and with minimum effort. This is a stringent requirement that has come up as far as eLearning stakeholders and users are concerned.

In this context, when instructional designers or developers are loaded with the development task of multiple courses, which authoring tool can come to their rescue? Going by our own experience, I can straightaway say that Articulate Storyline is the right tool to meet all these requirements. Now let’s see in detail how the above-mentioned requirements can be met with this tool.

What makes this tool faster?

Articulate Storyline provides options to quickly convert PowerPoint presentations into interactive eLearning courses. Developers do not need scripting, coding or programming knowledge to embed interactive learning components into the course. All they have to do is use the inbuilt templates, characters and elements to create interactivities, animations or simulations and develop an engaging eLearning course.

This empowers instructional designers and learning professionals to create complex interactivities, assessments, games and learning activities without being dependent on computer programmers. One is limited only by one’s imagination and creativity!

Multiple publishing options for mobile delivery

With Articulate Storyline, you can publish your course content to HTML5, Flash and iOS from a single source. iPad users can enjoy the benefit of off-line access to the course with Articulate mobile player app.

With these publishing options, learners can access their courses whenever and from wherever they are through their mobile devices.

Translation friendly

Storyline allows you to translate a course easily into any language. Languages such as Arabic and Hebrew require right to left alignment and it is very difficult for a developer to translate a course into these languages using some of the older authoring tools.

With Storyline, you can export the course content in a MS Word or XML format for translation. All content, that is, on-screen text, audio, text (which is in the Notes Pane) get easily exported as a single file. Once translations are done and audio recording of the translations are received, they can be quickly imported into Articulate Storyline.

Apart from the features mentioned here, this tool has many other features which make eLearning development faster and quicker. To explore more about this tool, read the following posts and you will see how productively you can use the Articulate Storyline tool in developing effective courses balancing both timelines and budgets.

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