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What's New in Articulate Rise 360: A Guide to the Latest Features

Articulate Rise 360, the incredibly user-friendly web-based authoring tool, has become an industry darling for its ability to produce sleek and modern e-learning courses with unparalleled speed. Rise 360 regularly updates with fresh features and enhancements, making it even more robust and intuitive for course creators. If you're a Rise 360 user or just curious about this eLearning powerhouse, let's dive into the exciting new changes!

What's New in Articulate Rise 360?

1. Themes and Cover Pages: Instant Design Makeovers

One of the most visually impactful updates to Articulate Rise 360 is the introduction of themes and cover pages. These additions make achieving a cohesive, polished aesthetic throughout your course a breeze.

Themes: Themes provide pre-built combinations of fonts, colors, visual styles, and navigation settings. Choose from the thoughtfully crafted options or fully customize your own theme to set the perfect tone for your training content.

Cover Pages: Make a strong first impression! Select from professionally designed cover page layouts and customize them to reflect your unique course content. Cover pages add a sense of polish and set the stage for your learners.

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2. More Flexibility with Blocks

Rise 360 has always been praised for its intuitive block-based building system. Recent updates offer even greater customization power.

All Lesson Types as Blocks: Previously, Rise 360 used pre-defined lesson types like "Process" or "Timeline." Now, all of these lesson types are accessible as individual blocks. Insert them anywhere, mix and match, and break free from the previous restrictions.

Blocks Shortcut Bar: Speed up your workflow with the handy new blocks shortcut bar. It grants instant access to your most frequently used blocks.

Improved Process Blocks: Process blocks, commonly used for step-by-step sequences, gain enhanced interactivity and visual improvements for a more engaging learner experience.

3. Revamped Block Design Menus

Course design is streamlined with the reorganized and intuitive "Style" and "Format" menus. Find settings more easily and apply styling options with enhanced efficiency. These menus provide more granular control over the look and feel of your Rise 360 blocks, letting you fine-tune the visual presentation of your course.

More Recent Updates

The steady stream of updates to Rise 360 offers additional exciting enhancements:

  • Background Audio Triggers: Engage your learners with subtle but effective audio elements. Now, you can add background audio that activates when learners enter a specific block. Set the mood with music or create ambiance with sound effects.
  • Linked Padding: Improve the readability and visual flow of your courses. Linking the padding settings between blocks allows for consistent spacing, resulting in cleaner and more balanced layouts.
  • Share Link Permissions: Fine-tune control over content shared using Review 360 (a collaboration tool within the Articulate 360 suite). Set specific permissions for who can view or comment on courses you share for stakeholder feedback.

Here’s a short video to help you understand more about how Rise 360 can help with your corporate training.

Why These Updates Matter

The enhancements in Rise 360 reflect a focus on three things critical to eLearning developers:

  • Design Control: Themes, cover pages, and block design menus give course designers greater ability to craft unique and visually appealing courses that align with their specific needs.
  • Efficiency: The new blocks workflow and shortcut bar speed up eLearning course development significantly, allowing you to focus on crafting effective content.
  • Learner Engagement: The new features, like background audio triggers, offer ways to enhance the learning experience and add variety to how information is presented.
    Effective Strategies to Enhance Engagement

Putting the New Features to Work

Let's imagine some ways to put those fresh features to work, maximizing their benefit:

  • Branding with Themes: If you create multiple courses for your organization, develop a custom theme that incorporates your company colors, logo, and preferred fonts. This ensures brand consistency throughout your training materials.
  • Onboarding with Cover Pages: Use a striking cover page on your new employee onboarding course. Add your company logo, and a welcoming image, and outline the training objectives to motivate learners from the get-go.
  • Microlearning with Blocks: Create digestible and impactful microlearning modules. Break complex processes down with process blocks, use interactive scenario blocks to simulate real-life choices, or embed short video tutorials to deliver just-in-time knowledge snippets.
    Popular Microlearning Formats
  • Mood Setting with Background Audio: Transport learners with ambiance in a historical simulation course! Add subtle background sounds to create a specific era. Or, use calming background music in a wellness training to set a relaxing tone.

The Future is Bright for Rise 360

Articulate's focus on constantly expanding and evolving Rise 360 gives users confidence in this robust authoring tool. It's a fantastic option for those needing to create modern, responsive, and engaging eLearning courses with speed. If you haven't explored Articulate Rise 360 yet, now's the perfect time to check it out and see if it's the right solution for your course development needs. Also, if you come to the conclusion that Rise 360 is not what you are looking for, here’s a tool that will help you find your perfect match.

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