Importing Questions from an Excel Spreadsheet in Articulate Quizmaker’13

In the previous blog, we learnt to create questions for assessments in Excel Spreadsheet. In this blog, I will share how to add questions and options and import them into Quizmaker.


Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click the “Type field” box and select the question type in the dropdown list.

Type field

Step 2: Select “Points field” and enter the points.

Points filed

Step 3: Select “Question field” and enter the question text.

Questions field

Step 4: Select the “Answer 1 field” and type the “answer” text.

Answer1 field

Step 5: Select the “Feedback1 field” and type the “feedback text.” You can leave it empty and “default feedback appears.”

Feedback1 field

Step 6: After completing “Question1,” click the “add” button in “excel spreadsheet.” It is updated in the “database.”

Add button

Step 7: If you want edit “existing question,” click the “update” button in excel spreadsheet.

Existing question

Step 8: If you want to “delete” the question, click the “delete” button in the Excel spreadsheet.

Delete button

Step 9: If you want to reset question, then click the “Reset” button to “clear” the question.

Reset button

After adding your questions in Excel spreadsheet, please proceed as follows.

Step 10: Go to “Articulate Quiz Maker13.” Open the tool.


Step 11: Click the “New quiz.”

New quiz


Step 12: New quiz “dialogue box” will appear.

New quiz dialogue box

Step 13: Click the “import question” in the “Home tab” menu.

Import question


Step 14: Open the “dialogue” box. After selecting the “QM-Question-Template.xls,” click “Open.”

Open dialogue box


Step 15: The “Import Questions” dialogue box will appear. Select all questions and then click the ok button.

Ok button

Step 16: Import Questions progress will appear.



Step 17: See the imported questions in Quizmaker13.

Imported questions

It’s simply and easy to import to quiz maker. After importing the questions, the Default layout is applied to questions. You can also easily change the layout as per your specifications. Trust this has been helpful. Do share your feedback.

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