Creating Questions in Excel Sheet for Articulate Quiz Maker ’13

Creating Questions in Excel Sheet for Articulate Quiz Maker ’13

creating questions articulate quiz maker 13

Do you know what is the latest feature in Articulate Quiz maker ’13? It’s the support to Excel spreadsheet. This feature is very useful for SMEs because they can now create question bank on their own and hand it over to their developers for input into Articulate Quiz maker.

You can now import questions created in excel sheet to Articulate Quiz maker 2013. This feature saves development time and saves SME’s time as well. This feature is not available in Articulate Studio 09. This template is provided in Articulate Studio’s latest version.

In this blog, I will show you how we can create questions for assessments in Excel Spreadsheet, which can later be imported into Quiz maker ’13.

Just follow the steps below:

1. Open Excel Spreadsheet: First open a Quiz maker Question-Template sheet. This template is provided by Articulate Studio.

Quiz maker excel template

2. Question Types: In this field you need to input the Question Type. The default categories can be divided into two types. Graded Questions and Survey Questions. There are 9 Graded Questions and 10 Survey Questions. Graded Questions are:
MC-Multiple Choice
MR-Multiple Response
FIB-Fill in the Blank
WB-Word Bank
MD-Matching Drag and Drop
MDN-Matching Drop-down
SD-Sequence Drag and Drop
SDN-Sequence Drop-down

Survey Questions are:

PO-Pick One
PM-Pick Many
WW-Which Word
SA-Short Answer
ESS -Essay
RD-Ranking Drag and Drop
RDN-Ranking Drop-down
HM-How Many

Based on the question type you can choose the appropriate field.

3. Points: Next you have the “Points” field where you input the number of points you wish to give the learner on answering the question correctly. Typically you give,

  • Points for Graded Questions.
  • You can give points between 1 and 1000 for the correct answer
  • You can define ‘0’ points for the incorrect answers

4. Question Text: This is where you will have to input the text of your question. This needs to be filled for all questions.

Questions should be precise and clear with definite answers. It should be framed according to the question type that is chosen.

5. Answers\options\choices: Options are required for all question types except for questions that are categorized as short answers, essay and how many. You can provide up to 10 choices\options for each question. The correct answer for questions needs to be marked with an asterisk (*) in the beginning. Example: *True

6. Feedback: Feedback is required for all question types. Feedback enables learners to know why the answer they chose is right or wrong. You can provide 10 choices\options for each feedback.

7. Save and close spreadsheet: After you complete inputting the details for all questions, you need to save your template.

You repeat this process for each question that you want to build in the question bank. Note the directory where you have saved the file as you will need to retrieve it when you want to import it into Quiz maker. In my next blog, I will show how this can be imported into Articulate Quiz Maker 13.

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