How to Import Articulate Presenter Course into Articulate Storyline?

How to Import Articulate Presenter Course into Articulate Storyline?

How to Import Articulate Presenter Course into Articulate Storyline?

Do you know that you can import Articulate Presenter and PowerPoint presentations into Articulate Storyline? Courses developed using Articulate Presenter have assessments, interactivities, animations, static slides and final quiz. However, these courses do not support iPad or other mobile devices.

Moreover, one cannot create customized interactivities using Articulate Presenter.

For the purpose, these courses can be successfully imported into Articulate Storyline. Articulate Storyline supports iPads, mobile devices, and publishing of right-to-left languages. Here is how you can do it.

Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Start a New Project. Click the Import PowerPoint.

Step-1 Import PowerPoint

Step 2: Open window will appear. Select your existing Articulate Presenter course and click Open.

Open window

Step 3: The Insert Slides pop-up will appear, click Select All in insert slides.

Insert slides


Step 4: After selecting all slides, click the Import button.

Import button

Step 5: After importing theArticulate Presenter course, a New Scene is created in Articulate Storyline.

New Scene in articulate storyline

The course now appears as a new course in Articulate Storyline. It is easy to import courses developed using Articulate Presenter course into Articulate Storyline.

Here are some checklists to follow as you import courses from Presenter to Storyline:

  • Once you import a Presenter course into Storyline it is likely that certain fonts/sizes, alignments, etc., go missing. This is because the default articulate font is applied.
  • Animations may also be given the default options such as fade in and fade out.
  • If you would like your course to support TINCAN API, you will be able to do so with courses converted into Articulate Storyline.
  • In case the course developed in Presenter has interactivities, notice that they are shown according to Layers. This needs to be rectified.
  • In Articulate Presenter, the final quiz is shown on a single slide. However, in Articulate Storyline it’s shown in individual slides along with a result slide.

You will need to complete the course edits with respect to the above aspects and then click the publish button in the home tab. Your new course is published in a format that is compatible to mobile devices. Do let me know if these suggestions were helpful.

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