The Benefits and Limitations of Articulate

The Benefits and Limitations of Articulate

The Benefits and Limitations of Articulate

Articulate is a suite of comprehensive yet easy-to-use set of e-learning development tools. It is used to convert power point presentations directly to create an e-learning course. Articulate Rapid eLearning Studio Professional, known as the market leader in rapid e-learning software, is an integrated authoring suite with applications such as Articulate Presenter, Articulate Quizmaker, and Articulate Engage.

The three applications in Articulate are:

  • Presenter: Users can create e-learning courses by adding narration and interactivity to a PowerPoint file.
  • Quizmaker: Users can create highly customized Flash-based quizzes and assessments.
  • Engage: Users can create highly interactive learning modules.

Articulate is a great tool for rapidly creating flash-based eLearning courses. Many organizations are using this tool for rapid development. A few advantages of this tool are:

  • It has the ability to easily convert PowerPoint presentations into eLearning courses that are graphically rich and interactive.
  • It has a set of pre-defined interactivities.
  • It is easy to create quick assessments – You can use a variety of quiz questions by using Articulate Quizmaker.
  • Finally, this tool is ideal for entry level use.

The disadvantages are:

  • It has a limited set of interactivities, which are rigid and cannot be customized. For instance if you have a page with 5 pre-defined tabs and you want to add an extra tab, you can’t. The tool doesn’t allow it.
  • Navigation, options and Templates are highly limited.
  • And it is not ideal for text heavy courses.
  • Output will be as good as your ability with using key features of PowerPoint.

Thus Articulate is ideal to use for rapid elearning development, quick assessments and quick briefings – product knowledge, simple scenarios. And with articulate, authors can be comfortable and creative with designing in PPT. Ideal for entry-level use.

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  • Just wanted to know where you got the information about Articulate being the market leader in Rapid e-Learning software? A report released yesterday by the eLearning Guild just confirmed that Captivate is still the most used tool.
    In this article you hit the nail on the head: biggest advantage of Articulate is its ease of use, but personally I find it too limited unless you become a power user of Powerpoint. In that case I think investing the ‘learning’ time into a dedicated rapid eLearning tool with more functionalities more worthwhile than in a tool that is really aimed primarily at presentations. That is the reason I abandoned Articulate mostly to plunge into the eLearning Suite and occasionally add Camtasia videos.

  • Dear Lieve

    Thank you for your inputs. I recommend Articulate for quick product launches. You may also be interested in our latest webinar on choosing the right tool.



  • Articulate is a great tool for the creative mind. If a SME is not only able to write, but also create great looking screens and build educationaly valuable interactions, Articulate is a great environment. The issues we have experienced with Articulate revolve around team development on projects. If you’re a solo developer,the issues are few. If you use seperate SME’S, QA and Development team members, the Articulate work flow is not a strong point. Saving and sharing files causes issues for us during the publishing and review process. Also, creating templates for courses that use standard structures with units or lessons is necessity. This is not a weakness, just a note.

    I would also add that rapid development tools are becoming standard development tools. I think more in terms of Centralized Development tools. Articulate allows a single person to be the writer, the graphic artist and the programmer. So, Centralized makes more sense to me than calling it a Rapid tool. In fact, I am now on month 11 of a single high school course. Development still takes time.

    I should add that I think Articulate is great. Consider the bulk of your work though to be in utilizing PowerPoint to its fullest. Once you have guru PP skills, Articulate is a great finalization and presentation tool.