Hiding Annoying Animations When Required in Adobe Captivate

Hiding Annoying Animations When Required in Adobe Captivate

Hiding Annoying Animations When Required in Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate is a great tool to develop eLearning program with powerful simulations and interactive course content. However, every now and then, it keeps challenging us with roadblocks and we work towards overcoming them.

I would like to share with you how we tried to find solution to a problem that we were facing while developing course content. For purpose of easy comprehension, I will take an example of a course-content with 5 slides. In slide one I have bulleted text which appears bullet by bullet with audio synchronization. The learner moves on to slide 2 and then to slide 3. In slide 3 there is a button which the learner can click and navigate to slide 1. All he needs is to take a quick look at the content of the slide 1 and does not have to wait for the animation to complete.

Is there any way the learner can just skip the animation to navigate to respective slide?  Yes, it is possible in Captivate.

Here is the step by step process:

1. We need to give action to the next button in the slide as – On success: Execute advanced action.


2. In order to do that, open the Actions Dialog box and click on Advanced Options and go to Create New Action from the drop down menu.


3. Click on Statement and select standard option.


4. Select show from the drop down menu to make it automatically jump to respective slide frame.


5. From the drop down menu choose the appropriate button as shown below.


6. Double-click on the next statement and choose Assignment from the drop down menu and select rdcmndGotoFrame.


7. Select value from the variable. Give the frame number in the place of <click_to_type>. This would be the frame where the animation ends.


8. Note: You can also hide the buttons if you don’t want to be seen on the screen. You can do it by going to the next statement, select hide and click on the item you wish to hide.


I hope that you find this tip useful. Do share your feedback if you have other solutions.

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