Is Multilingual Feature Necessary for LMS?

Is Multilingual Feature Necessary for LMS?

Is Multilingual Feature Necessary for LMS?

As companies expand into global markets, it may become a challenge to manage centralized trainings to all the employees or distributors. Many factors such as geographical distance, cultural differences and language may contribute to this. More than 75% of the world’s population doesn’t speak English.

Nowadays, training content is translated into almost all the popular international languages and delivered through the LMS. Learning Management Systems can help you to manage all the trainings online.

Content translation definitely helps many learners to learn and benefit from eLearning courses. But will this alone be enough to cater to all the centralized training needs of global learners?

If the Learning Management System has a multilingual feature, then it will be an added advantage for the learner. Almost all the LMSs have multilingual features incorporated into them. Moodle, an opensource LMS, has more than 200 language packs available.

Some advantages of using the LMS multilingual feature:

  • Learners can switch to any language any time.
  • Entire LMS interface content will get translated, which will help the learner to under the LMS navigations or instructions.
  • All email notifications can be sent in local languages.
  • It may be difficult for Arabic and Hebrew (right-to-left) speaking people to navigate the English version (left-to-right) of the LMS. The multilingual feature can resolve this problem.
  • It is possible to set the native language as the default language for each individual user separately.
  • Quizzes, feedback forms or certificates developed using built-in LMS tools can be made multilingual. It does not require any other authoring tools to develop these in various languages.
  • You can customize the default translated text with your own. It does not require any developer to update the translated text.

I am sure that your LMS also has this multilingual feature. If you have not explored this feature earlier, then you may try it.

The multilingual feature in LMS helps organizations located in various parts of the world to host and manage trainings based on the native language in each location.

LMS in English Interface

LMS Interface in English

LMS in Chinese Interface

LMS Interface in Chinese

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