Advantages of Moodle LMS to Corporate Trainers

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A learning management system (LMS) is an software application which helps to deliver online training. With the help of it, we can deliver courses as well as track users’ status and scores.

An LMS also helps the training manager prepare reports and provide the result for each user individually. One of the good tools to develop an LMS is Moodle. As Moodle is an open-source (free of cost) platform, it is used by many organizations. Moodle provides many plugins which help perform “extra” activities. This makes our work easier. You can install the plugins very easily.

Here are some of the advantages of using an LMS.

  • Companies can conduct eLearning as well as classroom training programs
  • Users can take courses as many times as they want
  • Learners, from all over the world, can take part in the training programs
  • Organizations can enroll ‘n’ number of users for a single course
  • Users can take course whenever they want
  • User can resume the course from where they have stopped
  • Training managers or administrators can track each user effectively
  • Firms can generate course completion reports
  • Training managers can get a grade report for each course, which can be downloaded in .csv and MS-Excel formats
  • Administrators can assign a course to all users in one go
  • It is easy to add or delete users
  • An LMS can be integrated with PayPal to sell courses
  • Video conversations can be facilitated between learners and the trainer by integrating plugins such as WebEx and Skype

These are a few features of an LMS. And, as the demand for LMSs is increasing, new versions of the systems containing innovative features are being released.

Apart from the features mentioned above, an LMS also gives us the flexibility to change its look and feel by allowing the user to select default themes. We can also create a new theme and apply it. In, we can find many themes and can use them. The latest versions of LMSs are compatible with tablets and mobile phones, and this helps adapt eLearning courses to the mobile device. We can even send notifications to learners and administrators through e-mails as reminders.

These are a few features available in an LMS by default. We can also add many new features to an LMS. If you want to know how to install and apply them or wish to have information on other relevant issues, you can contact me or comment on this blog. Hope this blog helps people who are looking for similar features and using Moodle to manage their training programs.

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