Major Advantages of Flash in Developing an E-learning Course

Major Advantages of Flash in Developing an E-learning Course

Adobe Flash is the tool that supports vector based animations. Using Adobe Flash, we can create simple animations to complex interactive applications. It is fully scriptable and can communicate with many back end data base languages.

Let’s see what this tool offers to eLearning courses.

Create rich animations and videos:

Adobe Flash uses time-line based animations, which makes it easy to build animations. With Flash CS3 we can import Illustrator and Photoshop files. We can convert layered files into Movie Clips and animate the individual layers with the help of key frames in the timeline. An animated step-by-step instruction is more powerful than static screens with images.

Specific areas can be highlighted during the animation. With this animation, courses will have a rich look and feel.

Create highly interactive and engaging courses:

Flash supports a multitude of high level  interactivities such as flip books, drag and drops, sliders, match the following, puzzles, role plays, simulations, FAQ’s, drop down, slide-show etc. making learning more effective and enriching.

Easy Audio Integration:

Flash supports several audio formats like WAV, AIF, MP3, MP4 etc. and all these can be played using the Flash player.

The Flash player is available in all major browsers and platforms. By using Flash, we can easily import any audio file and add it to the time line. This enables users to hear the audio in the courses without downloading any extra player.


Using Flash we can create simulations like WATCH, TRY and DO.

Use Components:

Flash is in-built with ready-made interface components. E-learning courses can use those components such as radio buttons, check boxes, text fields, and List and Combo boxes directly.

The component’s text can be updated dynamically from an external text file. By using these components, we can develop the application easily.

Use Dynamic Text:

A major advantage of using Dynamic text fields is flexibility.

In Flash, we have, the Dynamic text field feature. Using this feature, we can import variables from a static text file or load text from HTML or XML files. We can also use the loader object. This should have all font characters embedded.

If you want to make your courses lively and engaging, Flash is the perfect tool for building good learning experiences. Though many rapid authoring tools are making inroads into the eLearning fraternity, nothing can replace this tool.

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