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Adobe Presenter – An Ideal Tool to Convert PPTs into On-demand Webinars

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Adobe Presenter - An Ideal Tool to Convert PPTs into On-demand Webinars

Many organizations conduct webinars to train their employees. The main benefit of using webinars is that training can be delivered to a large audience at low cost. But, how can you make sure that your webinars will be available to your staff whenever they need them? Well, you can record live webinars and make them available on-demand. Sometimes, during live presentations, you may have issues with extraneous noises. These noises need to be deleted from the recorded version. You may also want to add some topics which could not be covered during the live presentation.

In such cases, an eLearning course authoring tool called Adobe Presenter can be used to enhance the quality of the webinar. You can import the audio files of the recorded webinar into Adobe Presenter. You can also edit the audio and videos to remove any disturbances or errors and synchronize them with the slides and publish it to HTML.

How to Publish: 

If you have installed Adobe Presenter in your PC, when you open the presentation, the add-in Adobe Presenter will be displayed as shown in the screenshot below. Select the add-in click publish to convert your presentation into an on-demand webinar.

How to Publish

You can publish the presentation directly on to an Adobe Connect server, if you have the Adobe Connect access details, or you can publish in your PC. Later, you can upload the on-demand webinar on LMS and allow your learners to access it. You can also publish your presentation as a PDF file. Adobe Presenter supports audio, video and all types of animations which PowerPoint has.

Adobe Presenter supports audio, video and all types of animations

Things to Do before Publishing Your Presentation:

  • Edit the text and audio, if needed
  • Check the alignment of the text to prevent overlapping
  • Check the animations and ensure that the audio has been synchronized properly
  • If you want to add the presenter for your webinar you can add the presenter details such as name, designation, bio and email id. If you have the multiple presenters for the webinar you can also add slides wise presenter to the webinar.

Once you publish the webinar, check whether the slides, animations, and audio are working fine. Then upload it on the LMS and check for loading issues. As I have shared before, you can also publish the webinar directly to Adobe Connect, PC and PDF.

By following these steps, you can quickly convert your presentations into on demand webinars. Hope you find this blog informative! Please do share your thoughts.

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