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How to Make your Compliance Training Program into Interactive E-learning Course using Adobe Captivate?

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How to Make your Compliance Training Program into Interactive E-learning Course using Adobe Captivate?

As per The eLearning Guild Survey: eLearning Authoring Tools 2013, Adobe Captivate is the most popular authoring tool. This tool is ideal for converting online training programs, which are dry and boring, into interactive and engaging eLearning courses.

Here, I would like share with you how can we make online compliance training courses, which most consider to be no more than page-turners,into an interactive eLearning courses, using Adobe Captivate 8.

1. Scenarios: We can create scenario based eLearning, and it means that we can start the eLearning course with a scenario. It really motivates the learner to learn more. There are inbuilt characters with various expressions in the tool, which we can use these for scenarios.


2. Insertion of videos: We can insert any video into the course, and this makes the course lively. Captivate 8 supports a wide variety of video formats, but to make the videos play on mobile devices we need to use .flv and .mp4 formats.

Insertion of videos3. Interactive Assessments: We can develop interactive assessments to engage the learner. Using Captivate 8, we can develop gaming interactivities like Catch Alphanums interaction and Memory game interaction. We can also create gaming assessments, which are compatible with mobile devices.

Interactive of assessments

Interactive of assessments4. Responsive Design: With Captivate 8, we can make your course compatible with all devices. We can develop GUI that automatically adjusts itself to the screen size of the device on which the course is accessed.

responsive designThere are many other features in the Captivate 8. To know more about using Captivate 8 to develop interactive eLearning course, check out below:

On-demand Webinar on  Adobe Captivate 8 - Get, Set and Go

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