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Adobe Captivate 7 for Developing Interactive E-learning Courses

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Adobe Captivate 7 for Developing Interactive E-learning Courses

In today’s corporate world, many organizations are adopting eLearning to train their employees. In spite of time constraints, organizations are keen on training their employees in short turnaround times. To get this done training managers are depending more on authoring tools that enable rapid development of courses. In this context, Adobe Captivate 7 is the best tool to develop courses easily and quickly.

Adobe Captivate 7 is an all-round authoring tool used to develop all kinds of eLearning Courses. It comes with inbuilt interactivities that help in saving lot of time in designing interactivities and assigning actions. Capitalizing on the amazing features of captivate 7 we can transform the power point materials into an interactive, engaging course. In an eLearning Guild survey, respondents voted for Adobe Captivate as the most often used Authoring tool.

So, Let’s see what are the features that make Captivate 7 an ideal tool for developing eLearning courses easily and rapidly? – To learn more access the below presentation.

View Presentation on Develop Interactive Courses Quickly and Easily with Adobe Captivate 7

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  • I have seen that Adobe Captivate 7 is a very useful software for e learning.