Default Options in Adobe Captivate 9 That Need to be Upgraded

Default Options in Adobe Captivate 9 That Need to be Upgraded

Default Options in Adobe Captivate 9 That Need to be Upgraded

Abode Captivate is one of the most preferred e-learning rapid authoring tools. Over the years, Adobe Captivate has released various versions adding a number of amazing features to the tool. The tool has really evolved, giving developers the power to create responsive courses, simulation-based courses, and also highly interactive courses. In this blog post, I would like to discuss a few limitations I have come across in Adobe Captivate 9 so that the Adobe Captivate team can address them in the next release.

These are the 6 limitations I observed:

  • Hover Color
  • Default Submit button
  • On Enter and On Exit
  • Reset Slide
  • Customize Skin
  • Closed captioning

Let’s see what can be enhanced in each of these options.

1. Hover Color:

Hover Color

In Adobe Captivate 9, when we hover over an option in the assessment slide, the option is highlighted in grey. The color of the hover can’t be changed. As a developer, I always thought it would have been better if there was an option to change the color to enhance visual appeal.

2. Default Submit button:

Default submit button

Sometimes we may have audio in the quiz, so the question, options, and Submit button need to appear in synch with the audio. Say for instance, the Submit button should appear when the audio says ‘select the correct option and click the Submit button’. But in Captivate 9, the Submit button appears by default onscreen. There are no layers for the Submit button to sync with the audio. It would be better if the button can be synced with audio.

3. On Enter and On Exit:

On enter and on exit

When a learner enters slides, you want some action to be started, like an interactivity being displayed, an animation being played, or a question appearing on the screen. To set these actions in Captivate 9, we have 2 options: On Enter and On Exit, where we can add Standard or Conditional actions. The problem is, we can add only one action On Enter, either Standard or Conditional. It would be better if developers can add multiple Standard and Conditional actions to a slide. If we can upgrade to add more than one action at On Enter or On Exit in the slide, it will help develop high-end interactivities, games, and assessments.

4. Reset Slide:

When you are working on a slide, you may have set multiple options and at any point of time, you may want to reset the slide, and start from the beginning. But since there is no Reset option in Captivate 9, we have to do a lot of work such as hiding objects and assigning variables to go back to the beginning.. If would be better if we can assign a single action or option to reset the slide.

5. Customize skin:

Customize skin

If we apply a Skin to the course, the default buttons will apply to the entire course. If we add/remove a Player button, the button appears/disappears in the entire course (GUI), but we can’t customize it (Skin) for a single slide.

For example, I don’t want the Mute button and Progress Bar only in slide 5 because this particular slide (5), has no audio and animations. But in Adobe Captivate 9, hiding buttons in only one (or selected) slide is not possible. It would be better if we can hide or show Player buttons in individual slides.

6. Closed captioning:

Closed captioning

Adobe Captivate 9 offers a good option to sync the audio script in the course but many clients require static audio script in the slide Captivate allows up to 20 lines of audio script, but that will cover almost half the slide when Close Captioning is opened.

Having a scroll bar in the Close Captioning is a better option. Every slide will not have audio script of the same length; so we should be able to minimize or maximize the CC height. But in Adobe Captivate 9, we can’t adjust the of CC height for individual slides. Also, there is no scope to display bullets in the Close Captioning. I hope this limitation will be rectified soon.

These are the current limitations in Adobe Captivate 9. I hope the Adobe Captivate development team addresses them at the earliest so it becomes easy for e-learning developers to develop interactive, learner-friendly courses.

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