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How to Attach Downloadable Video in Adobe Captivate 7?

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How to Attach Downloadable Video in Adobe Captivate 7?

Captivate courses can be made more interesting and engaging for the learners by adding videos to the eLearning course. Videos can be used to reinforce and emphasize the key points and make the eLearning course more interesting to view.

In this blog, I’m going to demonstrate how to attach and download a video from the Captivate file. I have recently done a project for our client in which the requirement was to download a video from the Captivate file. Many users want to download or save their favorite video files to watch them later.

Let’s see the steps which will help you attach and download the Video file.

Follow the three steps given below:

  1. Create a HTML file
  2. Attach the HTML file
  3. Download the Video

Create a HTML file:

Open a Notepad to write a code.

Type or Paste the below HTML code.

<html xmlns=””>
<body onload=’“”,”_self”);return true;’>
<a href=”” target=”_blank”>Click here to download the file</a>.

Below is the screen shot for your reference.

Create html file

Save the Notepad with the suggested name (video .html)

Browse the path and save the file. Below is the screen shot for your reference.

Save the file

Compress the selected video file to .zip format.

New archive

Attach the HTML file:

By using a smart shape create a button on the downloadable icon or else make the icon itself a button.

Attach html-file

Go to the PROPERTIES Panel for assigning an ACTION for the button.

On Success from the action drop down list, Select Open URL or file.

URL Browse the path from the folder icon and select the file or, enter the filename by typing in the URL field.
Select one of the mentioned options in the drop down list. If you select New from the list, the selected video file will open in a new window.

See the screen shot below for reference.

Selected file in new window




Download the Video:

In order to view the video, Publish the Project to SWF or HTML5.

Download the video

Place the .HTML file and .Zip file in the Publish Folder as shown below.

Place the .HTML file and .Zip file in Publish Folder

It works online and offline. In order to download the attached video file, click on the video attached icon and download the video file to your destination.

Hope this blog helped you in understand how to attach and download the video in Captivate 7. If you have any other ideas please share.

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